Peregrine Team Update: 01 February 2002

Peregrine Team Update: 01 February 2002

Area Of Operation

The Athi River stretch and all the farms owned by non-indigenous land owners. A close watch over the employees constructing the Trust house. Regular visits into the surrounding community to carry out awareness campaigns.


Patrick Mutuku Kilonzo Nzioka


As previously reported, snaring levels are diminishing. This month we found a roll of wire which could provide material for 10 snares for large animals, such as buffalo. The efforts of the new desnaring team at Kilalinda are bearing fruit. They are putting pressure on the employees at Nutter’s Farm, which has always been a hot spot for snares.

At our base, Kaluku Farm, we were visited by a leopard which was hunting a dikdik. They accidentally found themselves inside the fenced disused vegetable garden. Here the rule of the bush was played out, but the leopard was unable to come out until late afternoon the following day. The very same week we rescued a leopard cub on the road on the Trust Land. The animal was very sick, was probably the runt, and would certainly have died. It is now being reared by the Senior Warden of the Northern Area, who hopes to release it in a very remote area of the Park.

Community Project

Several sports competitions were organized at Kamunyu and Kyusiani. The youth, which are our main target, are responding positively to sporting competitions. During sporting events we have made opportunities to talk about the conservation of wildife.. Our efforts are bearing fruit, in that the youth are being busied and it seems that the snaring levels are decreasing.

In the primary schools the wildlife clubs are doing fine. We have noted the enthusiasm with which schools are renewing their certificates and membership cards within ‘The Wildlife Clubs of Kenya’. This is after one great school trip into the Park by Kyusiani Primary.


This time round, the Wildlife Clubs have organized their own tree nurseries at Kyusiani, Iviani, and Kikwasuni. Mangalete Primary School have the advantage of good water on their compound with which to water trees.

Report written by Patrick Mutuku