Peregrine Team Update: 01 February 2003

Peregrine Team Update: 01 February 2003


Peter Wambua Isack Kalamba

Area Covered

Our operation usually starts for the Trust farm which is our base; each and every day we follow the migration routes to make sure the animals are kept safe from snares.


We walked upstream the Mtito River which is ht boundary of the park and the community to act as a deterrent to individual who wish to snare. Patrols along the Athi River and the adjacent farms are productive because snaring levels have declined. Large amounts of animals have moved on to the Trust land and different farms in the area and the hippos seem to be enjoying life at their usual home on the Trusts land.


The community has promised to help in conservation by reporting to us any individual who poaches. The weekly matches organized by the youth have brought together different communities who are forever grateful to the Trust for their generous donations of Volley Balls and Nets.

Report by Peter Wambua