Peregrine Team Update: 01 February 2004

Peregrine Team Update: 01 February 2004


Peter Wambua Isaya Ndei Julius Muthoka

Area Covered

Our patrols this month were done upstream Mtito river and the neighbouring communities of Kamunyu Ngiluni and Kyusyani. Along the river patrols were done on the neighbours private land.


The rains have been good and so there is plenty of food around for the wildlife as well as domestic livestock. There has been an increase of wildlife in the area, with lots of sign of elephant and buffalo passing through. Unfortunately the increase in wildlife has increased the crop damage and some members of the community are complaining that there crops have bee destroyed by elephants and other animals. In these areas we increased our patrols to ensure that these members of the community are not setting any snares. In all the areas that we patrolled we have seen a decrease in the snares collected, we only found 30 this month altogether. We have also done some repair work on the roads in the area as the heavy rains have created small pot holes. The tree seedlings have been attended to are doing very well indeed. All the schools that trees have been donated to are also being looked after and some of the trees are growing very quickly.

Report by Peter Wambua