Peregrine Team Update: 01 January 2003

Peregrine Team Update: 01 January 2003


Peter Wambua Isack Kalamba


This month we started our daily routine patrols from the trust land our base As stated from few months last year the snaring level is low we only managed to get 4 snares from Sasoon's farm lucky enough we followed footsteps of the poacher and found that it was a boy who had 19 snares at their farm in the community Later we took the boy with us to our base where we had threatened to take him to the police. He was eventually freed on the basis that he would stop poaching altogether. A case of fire was reported to us by Sasoon’s manager who had spotted it at the Yatta, we went to the KWS rangers at Tsavo safari camp and reported the incident Following now construction at our trust land the manager decide to keep away new staffs from the community due to cases of theft of doors at J.F.’s farm. He took two staff from Simon Trevor, one from Kaluku farm then we joined hands in the construction. It’s during the start of the year when new staff are employed in our usual land of operation so we have to keep a daily patrol to keep the snaring level at zero.

Youth from the community is kept busy through arranging matches every weekend. Seedlings donated to the community and schools are doing well.

Report by Peter Wambua