Peregrine Team Update: 01 January 2006

Peregrine Team Update: 01 January 2006


Jacob Dadi – Team leader Isaia Ndei

Area covered

This month the team patrolled the Athi River, the Mtito River up stream and the farms owned by non-indigenous land owners.


With the beginning of the New Year we encountered several problems. The rains that we expected at the end of last year never came and as a result we are now in a drought. We expect the level of snaring to rise due to the drought and for that reason we concentrated our de-snaring efforts along the Mtito upstream as this is the area where we feel most snares will be set. No snares were found during our patrols. During the course of the month the Peregrine team also tended to the trees around the trust house.

Report by Jacob Dadi