Peregrine Team Update: 01 June 2005

Peregrine Team Update: 01 June 2005


Jacob Dadi – Team leader Isaia Ndei

Area covered

This month the team patrolled the trust land and the private land that has been bought up as a buffer for the National Park along the Athi River, from Simon Trevor’s land through to Mr. Nutter’s land. They also patrolled the land around Sasson and the Kilalinda and Mizani areas



Wild animals are still on the increase in the areas. We have noticed that the animals, especially the larger ones are moving into the community areas. This month we were able to find and collect a total of 217 snares in the Mizani areas which border Kilalinda. Of the snares collected only 10 were designed for larger mammals with the rest targeting small animals such as Dikdiks. The teams also attended to the trees which have been planted around the trust house, and tended to the seedlings in the Trust’s nursery. This month we did not see any tracks from the Rhino that had been spotted around the area in the previous months. For this reason we feel that the rhino has moved back to the park which is corroborated by the fact that a rhino has been reported to have been seen in the Triangle. The team has also done some roadwork in terms of filling in holes and clearing paths which are used when the team is out on foot patrol in the farm areas.

Report by Jacob Dadi