Peregrine Team Update: 01 March 2009

Peregrine Team Update: 01 March 2009


Bramwel Ireri Peter Mwangi



During the month of March the Team patrolled Sasoon farm the Athi river and upstream of the Mtito river as well as Kilalinda and Kanyasia farm. During our patrols the team lifted a total of 167 snares, 165 of which targeting small game with only two targeting large game.

During our patrols at Sasoon farm we lifted 72 snares targeting small game. Along the Athi River banks we lifted one large snare and also came across a Dikdik dead in snare.

In conjunction with the Mtito desnaring team we patrol the area upstream of the Mtito River and were able to lift 41 small snares and 1 big snare.

We then moved our patrols to Kilalinda where we found a Dikdik trapped in a snare. We were able to rescue the Dikdik and free it from the snare. We also lifted 33 small snares in the area.

We ended the month’s patrols at Kanyasia farm where we lifted 19 small snares.

Report by Bramwel Iremi