Peregrine Team Update: 01 November 2003

Peregrine Team Update: 01 November 2003


Peter Wambua Isack Kalamba Julius Muthoka

Area Covered

The area we covered during our operation this month included the stretch along the Athi river and all the farms owned by non-indigenous land owners. We also had constant visits to the community of Kamunyu, Ngiluni and kyusyani along the Mtito river.


This has been a very busy month for us, we have collected 69 snares altogether, all of which are designed for small animals. We have reason to believe that poachers are using bows and arrows to catch their prey, not only that but they are moving around at night to avoid detection. There seems to be a large number of snares around the communities, with the low rainfall this is to be expected. This month we did not collect any snares on the farms, farmers are becoming more intollerent of them and seem to be collecting them themselves. The tree planting project went well this month and we will continue to do inspections to make sure that the seedlings are well looked after.

Report by peter Wambua