Peregrine Team Update: 01 October 2003

Peregrine Team Update: 01 October 2003


Peter Wambua Isack Kalamba Julius Muthoka

Area Covered

Our operation this month was concentrated on the Athi river stretch and all the farms owned by landowners. We paid regular visits to the community to see the movement of wild animals. Extra patrols were also made upstream of the Mtito River.


Early this month at Mr. Nutter’s farm we found a carcass of a lesser kudu and it was not apparent what it had died from. We informed the farm owner who went to the scene and speculated that it may have just been sick. On the same farm we found snares that were aimed at capturing larger animals such as Impala. The farm owner was told and it was then left to him to do something. Despite the snares, it seems that wildlife in area is returning slowly, so the patrolling is definitely paying off. On the Trust land we also found a dead lesser kudu that was killed by a leopard. There is an increase in wildlife coming down to the river to drink and so lions and leopard tracks have been seen regularly. This month the team has managed to collect a total of 67 snares, four of which were on Mr.Nutters farm. The nursery is doing very well, the Neem trees are ready for planting and we intend to donate them to the community when the rains start.

Report by peter Wambua