Peregrine Team Update: 01 October 2007

Peregrine Team Update: 01 October 2007


De – Snaring Report for October 2007


Bramwel Ireri Saitoti Lemirgichan



Patrols started close to the Trust grounds from Kambi Mawe towards Kaluku Farm, and towards Simon Trevor’s homestead. During our patrols we received information that the Community members goats are being killed by snares and this is causing allot of complaints. The team immediately went to the area were this was taking place and lifted allot of snares. The team also found a bird trap with several Crested Francolin birds which had been trapped. The team released all the birds that were still alive.

Later in the month the Peregrine team joined forces with the Chyulu team and patrolled together, mainly lifting snares targeting small game. At Mtito River we found allot of signs of human activities in the park. The team patrolled the river towards Ngiluni area and lifted 63 snares.

During October the main areas targeted for patrols were the Community areas, were we found allot of snaring activity.

Report By Bramwel Ireri