Peregrine Team Update: 01 September 2006

Peregrine Team Update: 01 September 2006


Jacob Dadi – Team leader Bramwei Ireri


Area covered

This month the team patrolled Kaluku, the Trust land, Simon Trevor’s land, the Fosters' land, Sazoons farm, the Tsavo triangle, the Kilalinda farms and along the Mtito River.


This month we managed to remove a total of 49 snares. 20 of the snares were lifted from Martin Foster’s farm and all targeted small animals. We joined up with the Mtito team and conducted patrols along the Mtito River where we lifted 19 snares, six of which targeted medium sized animals. A further 2 snares were lifted from Sazoons farm. This month we extended our patrols to include Kilalinda where 7 snares were lifted. The number of wild animals coming into these areas is on the increase, especially large animals. This shows that the waterholes in the park are dry, due to the drought, forcing animals to move to other areas in search of food and water, the main water source in these areas being the Athi River.

Report by Jacob Dadi