SWT/KWS Sobo De-Snaring Report for April 2020

Published on the 15th of May, 2020

The Sobo Team operates in the centre of Tsavo East National Park, focusing on the Yatta plateau and its surroundings.

The Yatta plateau is the world’s longest lava flow and is extremely rugged and rocky terrain, covered in densely vegetated scrub. Several springs seep out at the base of the plateau, providing much needed water for wildlife during the harsh dry seasons. Poachers have historically used the Yatta as a route into Tsavo East National Park in search of ivory and rhino horn. Illegal activities encountered here include snaring for the bushmeat trade and ivory poaching. This report provides an overview of the activity of all our De-Snaring Teams in April 2020, with a more detailed description of the Sobo Team's operational activities in the period.