Nyati Team Tiva Update: 01 December 2005

Nyati Team Tiva Update: 01 December 2005


Isaac Maina – team leader Abdi Adan Samuel Lolchuraki Julius Mumo

At the beginning of December before the Gazi team

went on their annual leave they attended a training course whose objective was to increase the team’s efficiency which is important as it will aid the team in becoming better acquainted with all the different bush skills needed for a team to be highly effective in the field. The trust organized a training program run by the British Army.
This was attended by all the de-snaring teams. We were taught how to read a map
and use a compass, how to give first aid, different forms of communication, how to best set an ambush
and organize our operations
as well as how to carry our arrests with minimum amount of risk to the team members.

Report by Isaac Maina