Nyati Team Tiva Update: 01 February 2004

Nyati Team Tiva Update: 01 February 2004


Kasau Lerat – Team Leader Patrick Mutuku – Ass Team Leader Adan Abdi – Car guard Julius Mumo – Cook Samuel Lolchuraki– KWS ranger Evans Matinyet – KWS ranger Abdullah Lango


This month's patrols were a general follow up of the areas that we collected snares the last month. Compared with the last month human activities in the park have decreased, we collected 130 snares altogether eleven of which were for larger mammals and we noticed the snares were generally not freshly set ones. With the sporadic rains people are spending most of their time in their homes and so this may explain the smaller amount of snares and the fact that very few of them were freshly laid. The majority of footprints that we encountered were not very fresh but as they were not near any of the snares wee can only assume that they were the footprints of honey hunters, which were moving up the Yatta Plateau. We will need to open up the roads around Gazi so that we have more access to the communities and can go further into the bush.

Report by Kasau Lerat