Nyati Team Tiva Update: 01 January 2005

Nyati Team Tiva Update: 01 January 2005


Kasao Lerat Samuel Lolchuraki Abdi Adan Julius Mumo Rashid Adan Ngoropita Letimorit Sgt. Kuri Huka

Area Covered

The patrol areas were Sheldrick’s blind, the general area of Thalakana airstrip, Southern and Northern edges of Yatta from Thalaka airstrip, both South and north of Cottars camp, Athi river upstream and general area Corner ya Nyati..


This was a follow up of last month’s operation. The situation on the ground on poaching changed drastically. Generally, human activities were very low compared with last month. A total of 114 snares were lifted. Eleven were targeting larger sized animals while the other 102 were for smaller mammals. Although these snares were very active, they were not freshly set, as it was the end of the rainy season when poaching activities are at their lowest. It also takes time for poachers to replenish their lost snares. During the operation, new footpaths and hideouts were discovered which had been used before. The few footmarks we came across were mainly for honey hunters and they were going up to the Yatta plateau. This is the peak period for honey gathering. Roads need to be graded and bushes along the road to be cleared so that the operation in the area will be easier. Gazi road is very important including the Northern boundary roads so that the community awareness can be started. Accessibility of Gazi from the Northern boundary both for de-snaring operation and community projects should be considered.

Report by Kasao Lerat