SWT/KWS Tiva De-Snaring Team Report for September 2019

Published on the 15th of October, 2019

The Tiva Team operates in the northern sector of Tsavo East National Park, focusing on the Tiva River and its surroundings.

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Illegal activities encountered here include snaring for the bushmeat trade, ivory poaching, livestock encroachment and cutting of trees for timber. The Tiva river is an important dry season source of water for wildlife and the team concentrate patrols around these water points and paths, which poachers have used for decades, along which they lay snares and erect shooting blinds and platforms from which to target elephants.

The report below provides an overview of the activity of all our De-Snaring Teams in September 2019, with a more detailed description of the Tiva Team's operational activities in the period.