Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 February 2005

Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 February 2005


David Njoroge – assistant leader Nzioki Muthoka – in camp Henry Lekochere - desnarer Julius Mtamu - tracker Julius Kyalo – car guard

Area Covered

Our areas of operation this month were Ziwani, Muhoho Farm, Jipe, Maktar, Lumo, Kishushe, railway stations and Kombo.

Total of 115 snares collected


The operation started in Jipe; we covered all the areas inhabited by the Kambas, Chaaga, and Taitas who are lakeside residents. Snaring in this area is minimal as they largely dependent on fish for survival. The team later moved to Makatu which has been found to be a major poaching hotspot. A lot of night poaching was observed as opposed to day poaching. In this instance torches are used as well as horns that produce strange and confusing sounds which makes it easier to kill animals. All in all several ambushes were done at their entry points into the park. However since this month had a lot of moonlight, which hindered our ambush operations, no arrests were made. A total of 115 snares were collected, most of which were found near the railway stations, Kishushe and at Muhoho farm. In order for us to be totally efficient in catching the poachers we need to change our methods of operating. The desnaring teams should behave and act like poachers. They should carry the same equipment that the poachers carry, so as to have easier access to the areas the poachers are operating in, thus leading to more arrests. With increased night vision poaching will be reduced and the animals will be spared a brutal and violent death

Report by David Njoroge