Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 January 2007

Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 January 2007


Wambua Kikwatha – Team leader Felix Micheni Boru Okicha Henry Lekochere John Mungai Adan Abdi Gerald Maghanga 2 KWS rangers

Area Covered

During the course of the month we carried out patrols at: Maktao, Lumo, Taita Hills, Lake Jipe, Oza and the Kishushe park boundary.



Kishushe Park Boundary and along the Tsavo River

Snaring at the Kishushe park boundary and the Mzima Springs pipeline has decreased tremendously. Compared to previous months whereby hundred of snares targeting big and small game were lifted, only 30 snares targeting small game were recovered. The snares were old indicating that there is no active snaring in the area. Nevertheless, this does not mean that poaching is not taking place as other methods could be being used such as bows and arrows and guns. From various sources we have heard that poachers from Kitui and Makueni come to poach elephants rather than the smaller animals with most of the poaching taking place at Kishushe ranch and not inside the park.

Maktau, Lumo and Oza Community Ranches

Only 10 snares targeting big game were lifted at Maktau.

This area is mainly dominated by night poachers. In the past three months 8 poachers were arrested in this area leading to a decline in poaching activities. Information from our informers also points to a decline in the amount of poaching taking place. Taita hills and Salt lick

This area has not been patrolled for the last two months. During the rainy season snaring was on the decline. The high grass in the area has made patrolling difficult. Now snares were lifted and no arrests made. The de-snaring team’s next plan is to camp near the area in order to monitor it and ascertain if night poaching is taking place.

Lake Jipe

This area has predominantly been an area for grazing and charcoal burning. Poaching by the use of snares is not very common; however night poaching has been reported to be taking place. During our patrols we managed to arrest one charcoal burner in possession of a spade and two sacks of charcoal.

Unfortunately two others managed to escape arrest. We were able to identify 10 recent charcoal kilns.
Cattle grazing is also on the increase with Maasai from Salaita, Ziwani and Kacheroi moving their cattle to the park to graze. They have been sending young boys to tend the cattle as they know that the children can not be arrested and taken to court.
Three minors were apprehended and were instructed to drive the cattle away from the park. We were also able to arrest an individual for poaching.

Report by Wambua Kikwatha