Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 October 2007

Simba Team Ziwani Update: 01 October 2007


De – Snaring Report for September 2007


Henry Lekochere –team leader John Mungai Abdi Adan Boru Okicha Gerald Maghanga 2 KWS rangers

Area Covered

During the course of the month we carried out patrols at Lualeyni Ranch, Lake Jipe, Mzima Spring water pipeline & Lumo Wildlife Sanctuary.



At the beginning of the month’s patrols, the Ziwani team was joined by personnel from the WSPA Staff. Together we patrolled Mbuyuni area were we lifted 14 big snares.

We found signs of 2 poachers’ foot prints which we followed until we lost their tracks into the dense grass & bush covered areas. We generally found signs of allot of wildlife in the area.

At Lake Jipe we patrolled Vilima & Toloha Park boundary and we found that poaching in the area is very rampant. We found 2 buffalo carcasses

& 2 elephants which were killed and the tusks removed. One of the elephants was quite young and had a spear wound.

At the end of the month we visited Mzima Spring water pipeline. The team lifted 20 snares targeting medium game from this area.

We found signs of poaching activities and found a poachers hideout with Dikdik skins & meat.
The team tried to lay an ambush for this poacher with no avail.

Report by Henry Lekochere