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 The sad death of Merru - 11/8/2018
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We have been battling hard with little Merru who came to us after a very torrid time, which resulted in significant visible injuries but also some sinister, not so obvious, internal trauma.  He was rescued from the fringes of Imenti forest off the slopes of Mount Kenya having fallen into a deep quarry.  Before the Kenya Wildlife Service rangers received reports and were able to get to him, he was set upon by a few individual community members who looked to kill him. As a result of this he suffered from a severe brain injury that left him rotating in circles. In time, thanks to the tender care and dedication from his DSWT Keepers, this affliction appeared to improve and we were optimistic he was on the mend. Though worryingly he still displayed signs of a weakened left-side, that some days was worse than others.  He remained slow and lacklustre and despite multiple blood tests nothing was obviously evident.

Merru in the quarry

On the evening of the 3rd November Merru came into his stable slower than usual and looked alarmingly dull.  Despite our best efforts over the following days and nights, he continued to lose strength and heartbreakingly died on the morning of the 7th November.

Sattao, Merru and Sagala  Merru and Malkia


After being so convinced Merru was on the road to a full recovery, and after all that had befallen this little calf, this is devastating news for us all.  The only comfort we can take is to know that his time with us was filled with love and nurturing care and he had settled in so well.  All involved did their best but so very sadly it was not to be.  Of course when there are internal injuries inflicted these can haunt one later and in Merru’s case, there were hidden problems that caught up with us, robbing us of our little friend.

Little Merru


Thank you to all his foster parents who embraced Merru and his care so enthusiastically, and to all those, near and far, that held him in their hearts. I am so sorry to have to share such heartbreaking news, and it is certainly not the outcome we felt sure we would have.  In memory of Merru, rest assured we will of course continue to strive to give all his Nursery's friends the second chance they deserve. Rest in Peace little Merru.

Angela Sheldrick


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