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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 LOLOKWE  Male  July 1999 Namunyak  1 Month old  Found in a man dug well in Namunyak  Drought Related 

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2/20/2017 - It was a bright and warm morning with the stockade dependant orphan elephants leaving the stockade early enough to catch up with the first light of the day. The group was led to the browsing fields by Ishaq-B and Suswa.

The orphans arrived at the middle water hole in the afternoon and after their milk bottle enjoyed numerous mud bathing games.

Thoma, Thor and Lolokwe visited the stockades in the afternoon to quench their thirst at the stockade water trough. The three were closely followed by Lesanju and Wasessa who also came for a drink. Lesanju was seen to have a soft spot for Thor and seemed to be more comfortable with this small Ex Orphan herd than she is among Emily’s large Ex Orphan group. They all left the stockade together twenty minutes later.

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A male calf estimated to have been born in July 1999, this young "toughie" from the North was 1 month old when rescued; also a victim of the wells dug by tribesmen for their livestock. He takes his name from the Sugar Loaf mountain of the North known as Olololokwe meaning "far away mountain". He, Salama and another little bull called "Nyiro" share the same rugged bull face and look very much alike. We can't help wondering if they have the same "Dad". One finger of Lolokwe's trunk is damaged, hanging loose, probably slashed by tribesman having been pulled out of the well. However, he copes very well and is luckier than Loisaba. He loves to tussle with his peers, often interrupting bouts between Laikipia and Salama.

He is a bold and spirited very lively individual. Very popular within the younger bull set. Tends to be on the pushy side amongst the girls.


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