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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 IMENTI  Male  Wednesday, January 19, 1994 Imenti Forest in Meru  Hours old  Mother died from gun shot wounds in Imenti forest.  Poaching 

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12/23/2017 - Laragai, Garzi, Kithaka, Barsilinga, Lemoyian, Siangiki, Enkikwe, Olsekki and Sokotei, who had spent the night outside after the cunning Laragai managed to open the gate for them, reported early in the morning at the stockade compound. The other orphans were let out and joined them outside. Maramoja followed by Rapa led the way straight to the browsing field as the rest of the herd followed behind them. Only Kauro was seen from time to time taking some time off from feeding to participate in a soil dusting exercise. The temperature was moderate and after the orphans had their noon milk bottle they jumped into the mud wallow and enjoyed cooling off by wading through the water from one edge to the other. Boromoko and Galla enjoyed climbing on their friends while still in the water. After wallowing, Barsilinga and Kithaka had a light strength testing exercise as Lemoyian watched, hoping to get an invitation by the winner. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse close to Imenti area where Pare and Maramoja took a break from feeding to relax under a tree until it was a bit cooler and they felt like browsing again.

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 Imenti Ithumba Imenti, in his night stockade at Ithumba
Imenti Ithumba
photo taken on 12/21/2003
Imenti, in his night stockade at Ithumba
photo taken on 11/21/2003


A male calf born l9.l.94 near the Imenti Forest in Meru; Age on Arrival - hours old. Named after the forest that still harbours what remains of his beleaguered herd, entirely surrounded by cultivation and cut off from their traditional migratory route to Mount Kenya, this calf was still covered in the foetal membranes on arrival, born as his mother died in a hail of gunfire, so is the youngest wild born elephant ever to have been successfully hand reared. Deprived of his mother's first colostrum to stimulate a new baby's immune system, he was a very fragile infant. Normally such calves never survive more than a few weeks, but in this case an infusion of plasma drawn from the blood of one of the older orphans saved the day. Today Imenti is the self appointed Protector of our orphaned family, chasing away intruders such as buffalo, and also protecting his human family from attack by buffalo the orphans encounter on their daily wanderings in the bush.

Imenti likes the role of "Uncle" to all the younger orphans; the first to lie down for newcomers to become better acquainted by clambering over him, possessive of his orphan "family" and a mischievous elephant who enjoys the odd prank. He is extremely fond of Emily with whom he shared the Nursery, and is reluctant to be parted from her for any length of time, although he often travels with the other Big Boys, now independent.


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