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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 MWEYA  Female  January 2001 Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda  1 Month Old  Found in a fishing village having wondered out of the park in Uganda  Man Made Cause for Separation 

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3/4/2017 - It was a wonderful and historic morning with the stockade dependant orphan elephants heading to the browsing grounds after the milk and supplement feeding was over. After browsing for two hours the keepers noticed an unusual gathering of Eve, Emma, Safi, Eden, Thor and a few more of the female Ex Orphans in Emily’s herd.

Upon carefully approaching them, they were greeted with the great news that Ndara had given birth and the gathering was a welcoming of her baby, who we have named Neptune. Emma felt very happy when Neptune approached her stroking her all over her body with his little trunk. Mweya ascertained her position as the nanny of the tiny new baby.

The Ex Orphans spent the day slowly browsing along the western browsing grounds of Msinga Hill. This was done so as to strengthen little Neptune’s legs so that he would not have any problem keeping up with the group.

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 Mweya - developing into quite a personality Mweya having a mud bath bath
Mweya - developing into quite a personality
photo taken on 10/10/2004
Mweya having a mud bath bath
photo taken on 1/5/2004


A female calf born in January 2001 in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda; estimated age just days old when rescued. Age on arrival in our Nursery - 1 month.

This baby is unique, being Ugandan as opposed to all the other Kenyans. She simply wandered into a fishing village near Lake George in Queen Elizabeth National Park, was thereafter transported across the Channel in a fishing boat and dumped back in the bush, because her rescuers didn't know what else to do! Fortunately, word got out, and she was re-captured by an expatriate who had heard about her, and taken to the Uganda Education Centre, where she was cared for round the clock by expatriate volunteers and two National Park Rangers with telephone instructions from us in Nairobi. Meanwhile, the ponderous bureaucracy of getting an elephant across a territorial boundary had to be tackled, which involved 6;long weeks. Eventually, however, "Mweya" (thus named by the Ugandans) arrived on the 27th February 2001 by Helicopter.

She was tiny for her age, but what she lacked in size, she certainly made up in character - an extremely forceful and playful little elephant with a strong personality and a mind of her own! She was held in the Uganda Education Centre which she shared with some chimpanzees, who obviously gave her a very hard time, but she proved well able to look after herself and them!


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