The following is information on the Elephant Orphan named: MUTARA  (foster now)

Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 MUTARA  Female  Monday, July 20, 2009 Mutara Ranch  about one week old  She was first seen on the road between Rumuruti town in Laikipia and the ADC ranch known as Mutara.  Poaching 

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11/28/2018 - The orphans had their milk bottles before leaving straight for the bush today. Mutara and her group including Turkwel, Suguta, Kanjoro, Sities, Kainuk and Kibo, who is not usually part of that group, arrived and joined the orphans requesting to be supplied with Lucerne. Turkwel seems to be doing very well with Mutaraís herd and we were happy to see her looking so well, happy to be back with her older friends. Garzi and Kanjoro started play-fighting, while Turkwel scratched her neck on a gate post.

All the orphans browsed in the bush, with Mutara's herd slightly separate from the dependent orphans. Later, the orphans came across a small water pool that they started to play in before it was their next feeding time beside the mud bath.

It was cold when they reached the mud bath and the orphans just decided to have their milk and not wallow. A few of them walked to have a drink of water, and then joined their friends who were already back to browsing.

A few hours later it started raining and the orphan elephants became all hyper. They were rolling down in the mud and several of them were very active and played vigorously. Kamok and Pare started play-fighting, as all the others were down in the mud rolling in different styles. The herd later walked back home in the evening for their milk again.

Kithaka, Laragai, Barsilinga and Garzi did not turn up this evening, but they will come later as they always do. They don't sleep out, but they also donít like to stay with the dependent orphans the whole day. We received 12mm of rain and we still expect more tonight. No other ex-orphans or wild elephants appeared today.

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 Mutara having sun cream rubbed on her ear Mutara loves her Keepers
Mutara having sun cream rubbed on her ear
photo taken on 8/28/2009
Mutara loves her Keepers
photo taken on 8/28/2009


The 26th July brought not only the rescue of 2 and a half month old Tano from Loisaba Ranch, but also another newborn, who was seen all alone at 2pm on the road between Rumuruti town in Laikipia and the ADC ranch known as Mutara. Mutara called the Kenyan Wildlife Service, and since it was by then too late to initiate a rescue (added to the fact that all our phone land lines were out of action) the ADC Ranch personally alerted the Ol Pejeta Conservancy requesting them to care for the calf for the night.

And so it was, that on the 27th July 2009, the newborn baby female calf who has been named Mutara, after the ADC station that saved her from certain death, came to us flown in this time by East African Air Charters, in a small Cessna 206 aircraft.

The rescue plane  Mt Kenya flying to collect Mutara

The Keepers give the orphan milk on the airstrip  The keepers lay the calf on a matress for the flight

The orphan arrives in the Nursery  The orphan is helped to her feet after the long plane journey to Nairobi

The umbilicus was still attached so this calf may not have had the motherís first Colostrum milk to trigger her immune system. She was therefore given Elephant plasma (frozen in our deep freezer) through a saline drip directly into an ear vein.

Mutara with Peter who was on her rescue  Mutara is helped to her feet

Mutara with Tano

Although the reason for her being orphaned is not definitely known, she is likely to also be a poaching victim. Her arrival brought the number of Nursery inmates to 24.

Mutara  Mutara playing with a blanket

Mutara and keepers playing with her  Mutara having sun cream rubbed on her ear

Mutara loves her Keepers  Mutara with Adan

Mutara with Isiolo


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