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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 MUMBUSHI  Male  Thursday, May 12, 2011 Mount Kenya  Approximately 2 months old  He was found alone and injured by a cattle herder in the Mt. Kenya forest near the Hombe river.  Poaching 

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10/6/2011 - A light shower of rain fell during the night, so the Orphans enjoyed playing in the puddles on their way out into the bush, only Kihari and Kasigau focused on browsing while the others enjoyed rolling in the dampened earth. Kihari is still mourning the loss of her elephant mother and family, and is not yet interested in playing. After the loss of Mumbushi, who was deeply loved by Tano, Tano has focused on Naipoki and lavished her with love, something that Naipoki relishes. Tano is a quiet and polite individual and easy to handle, as is Turkwel whilst Mutara is a fine Matriarch, ably assisted by Shukuru.

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 Mumbushi is introduced to Maxwel Mwambushi meets the orphans for the 1st time IMG_6931 (3)
Mumbushi is introduced to Maxwel
photo taken on 7/5/2011
Mwambushi meets the orphans for the 1st time IMG_6931 (3)
photo taken on 7/5/2011


On the 4th July, 2011, at midday, the Senior Wildlife Officer of the Bill Woodley Mt. Kenya Trust, Edwin Kinyanjui, (the man who rescued orphan Kenia) received a report from a cattle herder of a lone baby elephant in the Mt. Kenya forest near the Hombe river. In conjunction with KWS personnel, he monitored the calf to see whether the mother would return, but when that failed to happen, the team called the KWS Senior Warden in charge of Mt. Kenya National Park, Robert O,Brien, who previously worked in Tsavo, so our Orphans’ Project is well known to him. He in turn, alerted the Trust to prepare for a Rescue.

Mount Kenya

The team off on Mumbushi's rescue  Loading up the plane before take off

The plane arrives at the Nanyuki airstrip where the KWS team wait with a tiny baby strapped in the back

Abdi and Leleruk who fly to the Nanyuki airstrip   Mumbushi's deep head wound

Mumbushi at the Nanyuki airstip with some of the KWS rangers who helped with his rescue  One of the KWS rangers who helped in the tiny calf's rescue

The orphan was a baby bull, estimated to be about 2 months old, since the first molars were beginning to erupt, and the pads of the feet worn. Apart from a deep machete cut on his head, believed to have been inflicted by either un-ele-friendly farmers or pastoralists grazing livestock in the forest, the baby was in fair physical condition. He is almost certainly a victim of poaching, which has escalated sharply in the area of late. (26 elephants are known to have been poached in the Mt. Kenya forests since January 2011.) His Saviours were KWS personnel, Cpl. Kilonzo, Rangers John Ombongi, Siyati Farah and Theophillas Muthui and Scout Charles Nyagah. Robert O’Brien supervised the holding of the baby in his home until the plane arrived the next morning, it being too late to mobilize an air rescue by the time the message was received in Nairobi. Well versed in the needs of infant elephants, the calf was fed only water prior to a formula feed as soon as the plane landed.

The calf is prepared for loading  One of the KWS rangers who helped in the tiny calf's rescue

One of the KWS rangers involved in saving the little calf tells Abdi the rescue story  Abdi with the little elephant on the plane

The little calf sleeps on the flight with a teat placed in his mouth as a comforter  The keepers take turns to watch over the baby during the flight

Tal,  who took the footage on the flight with the calf and Keepers

By mid-morning on the 5th July 2011, little “Mumbushi” was safely back at the Nairobi Nursery. He takes his name from the ”swampy area” near the Hombe river where he was found, “Mumbushi” meaning “Swampy area”. Desperately hungry, and exhausted, apparently having cried all the previous night at the Senior Warden’s home, he was administered the routine prophylactic antibiotic to guard against pneumonia, had his machete wound anointed with green clay and was given rehydrants and milk.

Little Mumbushi with Abdi safe in his stable at the Nairobi nursery  Abdi with Mumbushi

Mumbushi's right eye seemed compromised from the panga slash  Mumbushi, tiny and vulnerable

Abdi with the little newcomer  Mumbushi is introduced to Maxwel

Mwambushi meets the orphans for the 1st time IMG_6931 (3)


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