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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 SORKA  Female  Saturday, March 3, 2012 Satao  Two and a half years old  Found alone near Satao camp  Reason Unknown 

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10/27/2014 - Upon exiting the stockade Mudanda ran straight to Wasessa before Bada could even try and greet her. Bada became sad and desperate as she is also very close to Wasessa and in the absence of Sorka is more needy than usual. Kivuko noticed that Bada was upset and came over to reassure her and give her some love and company. The two spent the day browsing next to one another with Kivuko joining Pandas group when they returned to the stockade in the evening thus managing to sneakily get some milk together with the rest of the milk dependent orphans.

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 Sorka enjoying some milk Sorka front with others at the stockade compound
Sorka enjoying some milk
photo taken on 10/10/2014
Sorka front with others at the stockade compound
photo taken on 9/22/2014


On the 3rd September an orphan elephant calf was seen by guests from Satao camp while on a game drive. They first saw the calf when leaving the camp and upon their return noticed the calf was still alone and decided to notify KWS and DSWT. Nick Trent, the DSWTs head pilot, received the report and mobilized the DSWT antipoaching team that was happened to be in the area.

By the time the Voi keepers arrived, othe DSWT antipoaching team had already caught the calf and restrained it waiting for the keepers to arrive. The calf was over two years old and we decided to raise him in Voi, company for Bada another recently orphaned youngster rather than air lifted to the Nairobi nursery. The team drove the tuskless calf to the Voi Nursery. On arrival she settled quickly with the close company of the other orphan Bada, approaching the keepers for a milk bottle in no time. The two later went to greet one another with trunk touching in the taming stables and it was clear they were going to grow to become great friends.

Sorka in the stockade after rescue  Sorka and Bada next to each other

Sorka two days after rescue  Sorka in the stockade being offered milk by a kee

Sorka having some milk

The calf, named Sorka, and Orma tribal name from the area. She had lion claw marks on her behind so had obviously had an extremely lucky escape. Other than the superficial wounds she was in good health though it appeared that she had been on her own for a while and walked enormous distanced. Despite her age she is remains tuskless and we think she will perhaps be a tuskless elephant, as she should have ivory showing by this stage given her age. She has settled in well at Voi and is enjoying much love and attention from a brand new herd of orphans that she was lucky enough to find herself among.

Sorka enjoying some milk  Sorka front with others at the stockade compound

Sorka milk feeding while out with the others


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