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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 SOLANGO  Male  September 2001 Sera Group Ranch  4 Weeks old  Fell into a deep rocky water catchment well on Sera Group ranch  Drought Related 

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12/17/2015 - It was a wonderful morning when Lesanju’s herd who had spent the previous night browsing half way up the hill, come down early at 6am to greet the juniors coming out of their respective bomas.

They were intrigued by the new arrivals having been absent on the day that Suswa, Embu and Elkerama arrived. Emily’s herd soon arrived to give a very extensive and formal greeting to the new dependent orphans. The dependent group now numbering twenty elephants, with Lesanju’s semi dependent group numbering ten, and Emily’s herd numbering seventeen with wild hangers on very often too. This makes for some fifty elephants milling around the Voi Stockades very often, an incredible sight for us all to enjoy.

Suswa, Embu, Elkerama, Arruba, Rorogoi and Mashariki were quite shy of so many elephants showering them with attention and soon headed off, followed by the whole of Kenia and Ndii’s herd who left in the opposite direction leaving Naipoki behind. Mzima and Naipoki took little Safi and had a golden opportunity of hiding him between them for some copra cake feeding, savouring the baby time they were allowed to have.

Soon after the orphans and the ex-orphans had enjoyed their copra cake, there was sudden great joy when Siria, who had gone wild with the other ex-orphan boys Bura and Solango for more than two years ago, returned suddenly with a bouncing pace in the company of Layoni.

Emily’s herd then left the stockade for the field, taking Araba with them. Any attempts to call Araba back were futile as Mweya was blocking her return. Lesanju volunteered to follow Emily’s herd with a mission of bringing back Araba as she needed her milk. Lesanju was patient keeping close to Araba recovering her easily at 11am when she needed her next milk bottle. She and her herd brought Araba to the stockade at noon and left the juniors afterwards.

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 Morani playing with Solango Solango at Voi taking a midday mudbath
Morani playing with Solango
photo taken on 10/20/2004
Solango at Voi taking a midday mudbath
photo taken on 9/16/2004


Rescued from Seraa Group Ranch, 20 miles North East of Shaba National Reserve, having fallen into a deep rocky catchment "well" which holds water in the dry season, this tiny bull elephant came in severely sunburnt, the top of his ears burnt to a frazzle from exposure to the sun; the back of his ears still tinged with pink, the tell-tale sign of a very young elephant infant younger than 6 weeks, therefore an October 2001 baby. He was a feisty little character, who resisted being pushed towards his stable by the Keepers, bellowing protest. Finally, the Keepers were told to simply walk away, and, predictably, rather than find himself alone again, he was happy just to follow.

Solango  Solango with keeper

For a few hours after being brought in, he cried a lot, fearful of his new surroundings and the strangeness of those that were doing their best to comfort him. However, once he spotted the other orphans as they came in for the night, he immediately calmed down, and began to accept milk. Overcome with exhaustion, that night he slept "like a baby", and the next morning he was one of the gang, adored by both Nasalot and Mulika, who are always overjoyed to welcome a new member to their elephant "family". Mweya looked somewhat askance at the newcomer, as usual, and Sweet Sally's passion for sucking the Keepers' fingers over-rode all other concerns. Thoma was bent on putting him in his place, a bit "pushy" and Seraa simply ignored him, which means that she probably did know him, but was not yet ready to play - and nor was he.

Solango at Voi taking a midday mudbath

Solango was very brave and already proved to be a forceful character, no doubt the makings of a dominant bull in the fullness of time, his genes honed through millennia by evolution in a challenging environment where only the fittest of the fit ever make it. When he wanted his milk, he wanted it then and there and even though tiny, he never hesitated to shove the Keepers all over the place! His sunburnt ears had to be protected from the sun, so a Keeper was always in attendance, holding aloft a large umbrella, and his little body sheltered from the chill of the Nairobi wind by a soft blanket strapped around his middle.

Solango  Solango and Thoma taking the lead

In 2013 Solango went wild with his friend Burra from the Voi Unit, and now roams the plains of Tsavo East as an adult bull elephant.

Serra and Solango on the right


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