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 An elephant's life has ended - 5/31/2012
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These graphic images tell their own tragic story of the reality that befalls Elephants on a regular basis in many African countries due to poaching.   They depict a magnificent Elephant Bull, who just like us Humans should have lived three score years and ten, dying in Tsavo East National Park from the affects of a poisoned arrow.   This was fired deliberately to kill him in a cruel and agonizing way in order to pillage his Ivory tusks for Consumers in the Far East.   It encapsulates all that is worst about “the Human Animal” - cruelty and greed driven by the demand in the Far East and the thoughtless humans who desire an Ivory Trinket.   This majestic animal has been killed simply for a tooth.


That Elephants grieve and mourn the loss of a loved one just as acutely as us humans has been proven, time and time again.   They sometimes “bury” their dead, like us,  covering the body of a loved one with leaves and earth, and returning to the bones of that loved one for years later, there to reflect, remember and mourn, is known.   That they even remove the ivory tusks of one they have found before the Human Killer, and carrying them away, even smashing them against rocks, has been recorded on film. 


That Elephants have a memory superior to that of Humans is scientifically proven so the saying “that an Elephant never forgets” happens to be true.   That their brain is as convoluted as our own, and capable of reasoning, is also known.   That Elephants are emotionally “Human” is proven through 50 years of practical hands-on experience and observation, hand-rearing hundreds of their orphaned young, some from the day they were born.   


That Elephants exceed us Humans in terms of nurturing and caring, even when just infants themselves, has been witnessed and proven by many people on a daily basis during their formative years.   And that, after living wild, the Ex Orphans have the intelligence and knowledge about where to come when in need of help, has also been proven, time and time again by their erstwhile Human Family, whom they will love and remember for life.


An elephant mourning for a dead bull  The DSWT Mobile Vet Unit arrives at the scene

The poison arrow wound which killed the elephant  KWS have to remove the tusks to prevent poachers from taking them

In 2011 our Mobile Veterinary Units saved 149 elephants with these kinds of injuries. Be a part of the fight to save lives and donate towards our Anti-Poaching initiatives. You can make a donation by clicking on the link below. Your support is deeply appreciated. http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/donatevet    

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