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 Simotua joins the Nursery herd in the Nairobi National Park Forest for the first time - 7/9/2015
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This tragic calf came to us on the 23rd of June with a dramatic snare wound around his front leg and a hole in his forehead from a spear.  His story touched millions around the world, a poignant reminder of the suffering involved, how indiscriminate and crude so many poaching methods are, all causing unimaginable suffering for victims. 

Simotua is one of the lucky ones, sighted and saved in the nick of time.  His wounds have meant that he has had to stay in the confines of this stockade while we tamed him down, ensured he fed well and that his injuries were treated and tended to daily.  His fighting spirit has helped enormously as one thing Simotua has never lacked is a fierce will to live. 

Simotua out with the other orphans  Simotuas wounds healing well

Simotua eating well  the other orphans looking after Simotua

On the 7th of July a decision was made for him to join the others, as his forlorn demeanour every time the Nursery orphans’ left their stockades in the morning was heartbreaking.  Healthy mind, healthy body, so his happiness is as crucial for healing quickly as the medical care he receives.  It felt like the time was right.  He is doing well, loving being surrounded by his elephant friends who are extremely protective of him, feeding well, and his wounds too are improving daily.

You can read more about Simotua and his rescue here


If you would like to see a list of the updates available please click here.

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