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<<--  Entry for:  January   11, 2012  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  January   11, 2012 The Ex Orphan Groups of Emily and Edie came to the Stockades in the evening after the Juniors were in their Night Stockades. Siria was with them, as was the wild boy that they seem to have recruited permanently into their Group. Although the wild recruit is a lot older than the Ex Orphan Bulls of the group, he gets on well with them, all having mutual respect. The wild Boy is also very loving and attentive to Emily’s baby, Eve, often stroking her with his trunk. The Ex Orphans lifted their trunks to salute the Juniors in the Stockades after drinking at the Stockade trough. Meanwhile Emily’s baby, “Eve” enjoyed climbing up the large boulder in the Stockade compound, closely attended by her Nannie Sweet Sally and Mvita who kept extending a trunk to touch the baby as though warning her of the danger of falling off. After about an hour, the Ex Orphan Group left, taking Siria off with them.

Wild boy at the stocakdes

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