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<<--  Entry for:  November   4, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  November   4, 2017 Today Lempaute Kivuko, Layoni and Dabassa joined the stockade dependant orphan elephants for lucerne grass and supplement feeding. The juniors then left the four Ex Orphans at the stockade compound as they made their way to the browsing grounds.

At 12.50 in the afternoon, the keepers were very happy to see Ndara, Neptune and Tassia coming to join the stockade dependant orphans who were browsing on the southern side of the stockade compound.

Twenty minutes later a report was brought to the stockade by the Kenya Wildlife Service of two elephants that had missed the standard gauge rail way corridor and had ended along the Voi River on the outside of the Ngutuni fence line. The keepers suspected that they were Ex Orphans missing from Ndara’s herd and upon inspection found that it was Lesanju and Sinya. The two were escorted to an opening in the fence from where they were able to rejoin their group who had travelled from several miles away, coming from Mgeno ranch, close to the Taita sisal wildlife sanctuary, to the stockade. There were given a lot of lucerne grass and range cubes which they enjoyed at the stockade compound, returning the park an hour later.


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