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<<--  Entry for:  November   9, 2017  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  November   9, 2017 This morning Kenia, Ndii, and Kihari stretched their trunks in greeting towards yesterdays rescued orphan who was still recumbent as he was too weak to get to his feet. The medication that had been administered to him had already reduced the swelling under his jaw. Sadly though, despite all of our efforts, the orphan died in the afternoon.

Later in the day Lesanju came to the stockades for a drink from the water trough. Following a drink of water and some supplements she made her way to orphan elephant Tahri to greet her and the orphan baby buffalo Oltukai, in their respective stockades. She then left for the browsing fields where it was believed she would join up with the rest of her herd.

Kihari having a scratch

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