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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Voi Unit - 12  /  2017

By the end of December the whole area surrounding Voi was lush and green following the more substantial rain that fell throughout the course of the month. This was superseded by the second homecoming of Emily’s Ex Orphan herd in the middle of the month, from groups ranches outside of the National Park and into Tsavo West were they migrate to during the dry season.

Although they had covered the 100km distance the previous month, they found that the vegetation had not recovered around the Voi area despite the rainfall at that time. They chose to make their way back into the group ranches and sanctuaries around the Taita Hills where conditions were much more favourable; only to return to the stockade area once more rain had fallen a few weeks later. What is remarkable about this is it meant the entire herd, including Ndara’s little baby Neptune, covered well over 300km within the space of one month!

The Voi green grassy plains attracted a multitude of wild elephants as well as our Ex Orphans with them. Ex Orphans Seraa and Mweya are heavily pregnant and are due any day; we assume they are biding their time close to home with this in mind, knowing the extra layer of protection they and their newborns will have within that secure and familiar environment.

With the prospect of new wild born babies on our mind, we can’t help but consider that the majority of dependent babies in the Voi stockades at the moment are also female, and we look towards a bright future with many more wild born babies expected in this area once they reach maturity.

Bada, Nelion, Nguvu, Ajali and Tundani are the only dependent males at the Voi stockades at the moment, and they remain content filling their days with endless pushing and wrestling matches to assert their dominance in the group. Youngsters like Araba and now particularly Tahri are showered with affection by the females in the stockades, who get to practice their mothering skills on the ‘babies’ of the group. To be the recipient of all this love has healed the little drought victim Tahri who was raised at Voi, and she could not be happier immersed within her new and loving family. Matriach Kenia, Kihari, Ndii often fight over the affection of the babies in the group, but all the females like Mashariki and Panda are attentive towards them and look for any opportunity to spend some time with them as well. All the orphans however remain wary of Ndoria and her tendency to tail-bite! If she approaches any of the orphans in the mud bath they will usually make a swift exit to avoid a painful incident.

Ex Orphans Layoni and Dabassa were inseparable this month, as were Lempaute and Lesanju who were delighted to be in each other’s company since being reunited. Lesanju went further afield with Emily throughout the dry months, and Lempaute opted to remain closer to home, so they were parted for many moon. They have formed a splinter herd with Wasessa, Ndara and her baby Neptune and frequent the stockades for lucerne together.

For a while Sweet Sally, baby Safi, Lolokwe, Thoma and baby Thor separated from Emily’s herd as well, but they join up most days, but with the food plentiful this is a joyous and easy time for the dependent orphans, and the Ex Orphans too, with plenty of time for play and visiting with old friends given that looking for food is no longer a priority.

Male eland Tawi was also spotted in a herd of zebras and looking happy with his new found life in the wild. 

Photos Taken During this Month for the Voi Unit

Lempaute and Kivuko catching up with the orphans 12/1/2017

Ajali browsing 12/1/2017

Ishaq-B scratching bottom 12/1/2017

Ndii, Araba and Kenia 12/2/2017

Dabassa and Kivuko 12/2/2017

Lempaute arrives at the stockades 12/2/2017

Layoni scratching up 12/3/2017

Tundani enjoying the green grass 12/3/2017

Panda joins the rest of the herd in browsing 12/3/2017

Ndii taking Araba from Mashariki 12/4/2017

Ishaq-B wall games 12/4/2017

Nelion trying to uproot a rock 12/4/2017

Ajali coming to get Tahri 12/5/2017

Lempaute left to enjoy dairy cubes 12/5/2017

Rorogoi leads everyone to browse uphill 12/5/2017

Ishaq-B finds a broom stick 12/6/2017

Nguvu and Nelion get ready for browsing 12/6/2017

Mbirikani enjoys a morning scratch 12/6/2017

Tahri learning to climb uphill 12/7/2017

Panda running to join the others 12/7/2017

Nguvu happy to see Panda running towards him 12/7/2017

Dabassa and Kivuko engage in morning games 12/8/2017

Tuskless Kivuko plays with Dabassa 12/8/2017

Wild elephant heard on Msinga Hill 12/8/2017

Laikipia at the stockade 12/9/2017

Lempaute, Kivuko and Sinya follow Laikipia 12/9/2017

Lempaute browsing 12/9/2017

Nelion, Bada, Mudanda and Rorogoi 12/10/2017

Arruba browsing 12/10/2017

Kenia with Panda 12/10/2017

Mweya leads orphans out of the stockade 12/11/2017

Nepture and Ndara 12/11/2017

Mzima carrying his share of lucerne grass 12/11/2017

Wild bull who was seen with Emily's herd 12/12/2017

Araba enjoying mud bath 12/12/2017

Bada in the water 12/12/2017

Rorogoi after mudbath 12/13/2017

Panda scratching against a tree 12/13/2017

Ishaq-B leaning on Nguvu 12/13/2017

Panda with Tahri 12/14/2017

Safi greeting Tassia 12/14/2017

Eden, Thor and Neptune at the watertrough 12/14/2017

Ishaq-B mud bath gamesq 12/15/2017

Tundani scratching his eye 12/15/2017

Orphans follow the wild bull 12/15/2017

Sweet Sally scratching on a rock 12/16/2017

Kivuko playing with Emma 12/16/2017

Mashariki and Ajali find a quiet browsing spot 12/16/2017

Safi, Eden and Inca playing with the water 12/17/2017

Eden playing with Safi 12/17/2017

Suswa near Msinga Hill 12/17/2017

Lentili browsing 12/18/2017

Ishaq-B dusting games 12/18/2017

Mudanda browsing 12/18/2017

Lempaute and Lesanju arrive at the stockades 12/19/2017

Naipoki and Tundani strength games 12/19/2017

Laikipia at the stockade in the afternoon 12/19/2017

Inca having a good scratch 12/20/2017

Baba centre of attention at mud-bath 12/20/2017

Kenia admires Bada's games 12/20/2017

Tundani browsing 12/21/2017

Laikipia enjoying the green grass 12/21/2017

Embu rolling on the grass after mud bath 12/21/2017

Lentili 12/22/2017

Icholta with Inca 12/22/2017

Arruba on a scratchign mission 12/22/2017

Sweet Sally arrives at the stocakdes with Safi 12/23/2017

Bada enjoying mudbath 12/23/2017

Suswa scratching 12/23/2017

Panda trying to convince Embu to join in his game 12/24/2017

Ajali after mudbath 12/24/2017

Ndii kneeling in the water 12/24/2017

Rorogoi enjoying the downtime 12/25/2017

Embu finds a cool pool of water 12/25/2017

Ishaq-B splashing water with her trunk 12/25/2017

Mbirikani browsing on Msinga Hill 12/26/2017

Orphans scared off by fighting impalas 12/26/2017

Naipoki and Tundani strength games 12/26/2017

Inca with her mum Icholta 12/27/2017

Lesanju at the stockades 12/27/2017

Bada spoiling Rorogoi's bathing moment 12/27/2017

Mzima and Kivuko next to wild Bull 12/28/2017

Chia ex-orphan Kudu with her wild born babies 12/28/2017

Ishaq-B going headfirst into the water 12/28/2017

Siria arriving alone at the stockades for a drink 12/29/2017

Ajali and Nguvu welcome the wild Bull 12/29/2017

Tundani biting his trunk in fear of wild bull 12/29/2017

Embu splashing water 12/30/2017

Naipoki with Tahri 12/30/2017

Tundani soil dusting games 12/30/2017

Araba rubbing against Kenia 12/31/2017

Tundani soil dusting 12/31/2017

Rorogoi sliding into the mud 12/31/2017
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