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<<--  Entry for:  February   17, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  February   17, 2018 The morning began with the orphan elephants happily downing their milk bottle before settling for the supplement foods after which they left the stockade to begin the days browsing activities. Mbirikani seems to have developed a love for Araba, wanting to take her for a private browsing session but was met with resistance from Ishaq-B, Naipoki and Ndii who did all they could to prevent Mbirikani from interacting with Araba.

Ajali once again separated himself from the group to browse on his own. Nguvu decided not to join his friend as he knew that it would soon be time for the midday milk fed. After the orphans had finished their bottles Ndii jumped into the baobab tree water trough for a wallow instead of wallowing in the main water hole. When she realized that none of the others were interested in what she was doing she joined them at the mud bath. Kenia and Mbirikani enjoyed a scratching session together as they shared a tree trunk after which they joined Embu, Rorogoi, Suswa and Kihari who were leading the group back to the browsing fields for the afternoon browsing session.

Bada can smell the milk bottles

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