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<<--  Entry for:  February   26, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  February   26, 2018 The orphans welcomed the day with games of hide and seek around the stockade compound before leaving for the browsing field. Later in the day Ndoria separated from the rest of the orphan herd, pushing for Ajali to join her but was not successful.

The sky cleared up and it became quite hot forcing the orphans to seek shelter under an acacia tree. They then made their way to the baobab water hole in groups of five for their milk bottle and a wallow. Kihari had a private bathing moment in a shallow and muddy small water hole next to the big one while Ndii played with Tahri who sat on her stomach rubbing her bottom from side to side. The afternoons browsing activities took place close to the water hole.

Ishaq-B at bottle feed

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