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<<--  Entry for:  March   7, 2010  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Voi Unit  March   7, 2010 Shimba took the lead towards Msinga Hill which, following the recent rains, is full of lush green vegetation and is an oasis for the orphans. While feeding they occasionally stopped to drink from the rain filled crevices. As the orphans slowly made their way down the hill towards their noon milk feed Lesanju broke into a run causing the others to follow trumpeting loudly and running around in a panic, making hard for the worried keepers to keep up! Initially they thought that something had startled the orphans but soon realized that it was just Lesanju’s way of getting everyone moving faster. The Keepers had to gain control of the situation and calm the orphans before they could settle to have their milk. Sinya took the lead on the return journey to the stockades.

Shimba in a bush

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