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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Voi Unit - 3  /  2018

Rains fell across the lower plains of Tsavo near the Voi stockades this month, transforming the once parched landscape to a carpet of lush green. Grass, creepers, and bushes sprouted and flourished throughout the month, providing a lot of vegetation for the orphans to choose to browse from. Sometimes they like to go down on their knees to reach the fresh greens sprouting from the ground, which look the most enticing. They also made sure to step carefully after the rain so as not to slip, especially when crossing rocky areas. One of their favourite things to do after the rain, whilst the soil is moist and cool, is to find the small erosion trenches that form from flowing water and soil collapsing down the hillside. Arruba is especially fond of rolling in this cool soil but, unfortunately, banged her head one day when sliding in a rather inelegant manner. Kihari came to console her, and reminded her that the best way to enter is on one’s bottom, rather than head first. When the weather was too cold and cloudy, the orphans chose not to visit the waterholes but instead found water in all manner of places, including in-between the rocks and in the holes of trees. The rain softened the hard layer of top soil as well, and allowed the elephants to dig up tasty baobab roots with their small tusks and relish their prize.

Despite the rainfall, when elephants would normally disperse across a landscape now filled with plentiful water sources, we did see some of the older Ex Orphans this month as they chose to visit the stockades. New mum Seraa, her baby Solar, Wasessa, Lesanju, Sinya, Lempaute, Tassia, Layoni, Dabassa, Ndara and baby Neptune, who celebrated his first birthday this month, all chose to visit and we were delighted to see Wasessa, Sinya and Lesanju being such dutiful nannies towards the babies Solar and Neptune. Solar had some trouble from a troop of baboons who were trying to steal the elephant supplements in the compound but Seraa took charge and chased the baboons away. It seems that Ndara may be forming a splinter herd from Emily’s, together with Seraa and their Nannies. After Ndara’s herd moved off into the Park, Layoni and Dabassa stayed behind and we saw them quite a few times this month. Kenia and Ndii were happy to be with the two older boys as they knew they were no threat to ‘their’ herd and had no interest taking their adopted babies Tahri and Araba. This was not quite the case, however, and Layoni and Dabassa did try to woo some members of the herd to follow them. They particularly focused on Panda who resisted all their attempts as she remains devoted to the dependent orphan herd. They turned their attentions to Nelion and finally to Tundani, who chose to leave and browse with them for a day, only to return to the stockades just before five in the afternoon.

With regards to the other orphans being raised in the stockades, it is evident that Tawi, one of the orphaned elands, is developing a special love for Oltukai, the baby buffalo. Old animosity and all reservations seem to have evaporated between the buffalo and everyone else in the stockades. Tawi runs up to Oltukai’s room in the morning and knocks on his door to invite the buffalo to play. The two are often seen jostling and playing, Tawi making sure not to injure Oltukai with his long horns. We also saw Aruba this month, the kudu who was successfully raised in the compound and who rejoined the wild some time ago. She approached the stockades with her family of five and the keepers noticed that her first born had given birth to a female baby. It was wonderful for us to see that Aruba, raised in the stockade compound, has now become a grandmother. Later on in the month the kudus visited again and the keepers realized the father of the babies was none other than Mukuki, another orphan kudu that had been successfully raised and released from the Voi stockades. On the 3rd the Keepers found a baby waterbuck, less than a month old, running around in total confusion with no sign of its mother. After monitoring it for a few hours, they decided to rescue it and it was taken to the DSWT Kaluku Tsavo HQ to be raised with the other orphan waterbucks residing there.

Photos Taken During this Month for the Voi Unit

Ishaq-B enjoying the mudbath 3/1/2018

Lentili jumping into the water trough 3/1/2018

Araba enjoying the mudbath 3/1/2018

Mudanda wallowing 3/1/2018

Arruba back and Rorogoi play in an erosion trench 3/2/2018

Arruba browsing 3/2/2018

Bada playing near the erosion trench 3/2/2018

Kihari and Araba browsing together 3/2/2018

The orphan baby waterbuck 3/3/2018

Rescuing the orphan waterbuck 3/3/2018

Kenia after a mudbath 3/3/2018

Embu testing the mudbath water 3/3/2018

Nelion scratching against a low lying tree 3/4/2018

Kenia browsing 3/4/2018

Nelion 3/4/2018

Ndii browsing on Msinga Hill 3/4/2018

Dabassa front and Layoni 3/5/2018

Tassia at the stockade 3/5/2018

Seraa with Solar under her 3/5/2018

Sinya left, Neptune, Solar, Seraa & Lempaute 3/5/2018

Ndii pulling up a baobab tree root 3/6/2018

Naipoki 3/6/2018

Lentili 3/6/2018

Tundani bringing up the rear 3/6/2018

Tahri kneeling down to browse 3/7/2018

Ndii playing 3/7/2018

Tawi and Oltukai 3/7/2018

Rorogoi having a drink of water 3/8/2018

Ndii investigating a hole in a tree 3/8/2018

Tundani browsing between rocks 3/8/2018

Ishaq-B browsing 3/8/2018

Mashariki leading the way 3/9/2018

Tawi and Oltukai playing 3/9/2018

Ajali 3/9/2018

Mbirikani 3/9/2018

Aruba's first born baby and her calf 3/10/2018

Ndii and Layoni stregth testing 3/10/2018

Layoni and Panda strength testing 3/10/2018

Tawi comes to get Oltukai 3/10/2018

Embu browsing 3/11/2018

Kenia filling her mouth with green vegetation 3/11/2018

Rorogoi moving uphill to browse 3/11/2018

Ndoria browsing 3/11/2018

Layoni trying to woo Panda 3/12/2018

Ndii and Tahri on Msinga Hill with the others 3/12/2018

Sweet Kenia 3/12/2018

Ajali browsing over the fence 3/12/2018

Ishaq-B playing in a trench 3/13/2018

Nelion front playing in the erosion trench 3/13/2018

Embu covered in soil 3/13/2018

Nelion left and Dabassa 3/14/2018

Dabassa right pushing and shoving with Panda 3/14/2018

Nelion playing 3/14/2018

Kihari playing 3/14/2018

Naipoki pusing Mashariki uphill 3/15/2018

Arruba scratching 3/15/2018

Bada playing with a stick 3/15/2018

Kenia and Tahri 3/15/2018

Panda busy browsing 3/16/2018

Ishaq-b dustbathing 3/16/2018

Rorogoi watching Ishaq-B 3/16/2018

Tundani browsing on green leaves 3/16/2018

Arruba bangs her head in the erosion trench 3/17/2018

Tundani browsing 3/17/2018

Kihari playing with Kenia and Tarhi 3/17/2018

Bada heading uphill 3/17/2018

Kihari running to catch up with the orphan herd 3/18/2018

Embu, Panda, Mbirikani, Rorogoi & Ndii 3/18/2018

Embu browsing 3/18/2018

Nguvu 3/18/2018

Tundani drinking water 3/19/2018

Nelion gently pushing Tundani away 3/19/2018

Kihari dustbathing 3/19/2018

Mbirikani browsing 3/19/2018

Panda browsing with Tahri 3/20/2018

Ndii scratching 3/20/2018

Naipoki left and Nelion browsing 3/20/2018

Tundani stuffing grass into his mouth 3/20/2018

Ndii engaging Layoni 3/21/2018

Naipoki pushing soil with her head 3/21/2018

Orphans playing in an erosion trench 3/21/2018

Suswa browsing 3/21/2018

Mashariki moving downhill 3/22/2018

Ajali standing on a rock while browsing 3/22/2018

Rorogoi browsing 3/22/2018

Suswa on the hill 3/22/2018

Rorogoi left, Suswa and Ajali 3/23/2018

Mashariki browsing 3/23/2018

Mudanda and the others browsing 3/23/2018

Tundani front and Nelion browsing 3/24/2018

Lentili relaxing 3/24/2018

Rorogoi enjoying fresh browse 3/24/2018

Bada playing 3/24/2018

Dabassa and Nelion strength testing 3/25/2018

Kihari left and Panda climbing a terrace 3/25/2018

Ajali left and Ishaq-B 3/25/2018

Mudanda making the way downhill 3/25/2018

Bada lying down playing 3/26/2018

Panda stuck between two trees 3/26/2018

Ngulia 3/26/2018

Tahri and Suswa 3/26/2018

Ajali heading off to browse on his own 3/27/2018

Ndoria left and Naipoki milk feeding 3/27/2018

Nguvu leaving the milk feeding area 3/27/2018

Tahri, Ishaq-B, Ndii, Kenia & Panda running  3/27/2018

Orphans milk feeding 3/28/2018

Bada after mudbathing 3/28/2018

Arruba playing at mudbath 3/28/2018

Ishaq-B lying on Naipoki 3/28/2018

Nelion front, Ndii & Ishaq-B browsing 3/29/2018

Ajali reaching up for browse 3/29/2018

Mudanda on Msinga Hill 3/29/2018

Araba enjoying green vegetation 3/29/2018

Pride of lions 3/30/2018

Bada and Ndoria browsing 3/30/2018

Orphans moving uphill away from the lions 3/30/2018

Tundani reaching for green leaves 3/30/2018

Layoni left and Ndii 3/31/2018

Naipoki browsing 3/31/2018

Ex Orphan Kudu family 3/31/2018

Tahri browsing 3/31/2018
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