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Please be sure to take the time to look through the daily entries which can be accessed by clicking the calendar days, as this is the section the photographs are placed, wonderful candid shots taken monthly from each of the Units, captured by the Keepers.

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Monthly Summary for: Voi Unit - April  /  2010

Currently, 10 young elephants remain at the Voi Stockades in the process of rehabilitation back into the wild community, orphan Shira having recently chosen to attach herself to a wild herd. Although the Keepers have been keeping an eye out for her during their routine motorized patrolling, so far they have not been able to spot her, but we are hopeful that once the dry season takes hold again, Shira will return for supplementary feeding. She has always been eager to forego milk in order to resume a wild life again, previously tempted on many occasions to go off with Icholta from Emily’s group.

Emily and her satellites have returned to the Voi Stockades just once this month, on the 13th, when baby Eve, being wild-born, gave the Keepers quite a run around, whilst Emily kept a close watch on events! Some of the young bulls from Emily’s unit have been spotted away from Emily’s main group, perhaps, being teenagers, encouraged to become more independent, which is normal. Solango turned up alone to join the Keeper Dependent orphans on the 19th, and made himself unpopular by trying to mount the youngsters, prompting the intervention of the Keepers. Kenia voiced her disapproval loud and long but nevertheless the youngsters had to put up with Solango’s company since he returned to the Stockades with them in the evening and would have gone in had the Keepers not barred him!

The Voi unit orphans encountered 2 wild bulls at their noon mudbath on the 1st, with whom they briefly exchanged greetings. A wild cow who had been browsing half way up Mazinga hill, left her group on the l0th to follow the youngsters, but they were in too much of hurry for their milk to bother about her. Two large bulls who appeared at the orphans’ mudbath on the 12th and 23rd were likewise ignored, the orphans too much in awe of them to be tempted to approach.

The daily routine of the Voi group follows the same general routine – a milk feed first thing in the morning upon being let out of their night quarters, with a romp around the compound before heading out to browse during the morning. They then make their way to the mudbath venue of the day, where the midday milk ration awaits them, and following the mudbath (which is dependent upon the temperature of the day), they usually enjoy soil dusting to dry off, before browsing again throughout the afternoon, gradually making their way back to the Stockades in the evening. There another milk feed awaits them before they go in for the night, cut Grewia branches stacked inside to provide a night-time snack of nutritious bark.

Favoured feeding grounds are around, or up, nearby Mazinga Hill, or alternatively down the hill in the main section of the Park. When browsing takes place around the hill, the mudbath and noon milk feed happens back at the Stockades but if browsing takes place down the hill, in the main section of the Park, the orphans enjoy a mud wallow in one of the rain-filled natural waterholes after their noon milk ration. Thereafter they dry off with a dust-bath and rest under shade in the heat of the day, before resuming the afternoon browsing as they make their way back in the evening. The third milk feed of the day awaits them at the Stockades, after which they go inside for the night, with cut browse stacked for their night-time snack.

Mzima and Siria are best friends and pushing mates, always eager to take on each other, whilst Shimba is more of a loner. Lempaute, ever the imp of the group, devised a new trick this month to gain Taveta’s attention. She plucked grass with her trunk and laid it on her back so that he could help himself! Thereafter, Taveta showed his approval by remaining close to her all day. Tassia is Wasessa’s favourite, and should he happen to disappear from her view, she becomes very disturbed. These two are never far apart and Lesanju, Lempaute and Sinya are close friends. It is always a great treat to lead the herd, a privilege that has been evenly shared this month between Lesanju, Sinya, Kenia, Mzima and Taveta. All the Voi Unit orphans love their new base, and have thrived, both food and water being abundant all year. 

Photos Taken During this Month for the Voi Unit

Siria & Mzima wrestling 4/1/2010

Shimba 4/1/2010

Taveta playing 4/2/2010

Shimba leading the group back to the stockade 4/2/2010

Kenia left & Mzima enjoy a dustbath 4/3/2010

Lesanju takes the lead 4/3/2010

Shimba mounting on Mzima 4/4/2010

Kenia in the water 4/4/2010

Lempaute playing with a tree trunk 4/4/2010

Tassia clambers over Shimba 4/5/2010

Mzima runs out of the water followed by Siria 4/5/2010

Lempaute right and Wasessa 4/5/2010

Lesanju browsing 4/6/2010

Wasessa browsing 4/6/2010

Sinya left & Mzima browsing together 4/7/2010

Lempaute stuffing food in her mouth 4/7/2010

Orphans drinking at the stockade 4/7/2010

Lesanju scratching 4/8/2010

Marching to the waterhole 4/8/2010

Kenia browsing 4/9/2010

Mzima grazing 4/9/2010

Lempaute on Mzinga hill 4/10/2010

Sirira heading up the hill 4/10/2010

Wild cow following the orphans 4/10/2010

Wasessa browsing in the bushes 4/11/2010

Mzima left and Tassia 4/11/2010

Kenia playing 4/12/2010

Lempaute wallowing 4/12/2010

Kenia on Mzinga hill 4/13/2010

Emily's group at the stockade 4/13/2010

Emily's calf 4/13/2010

Burra at the stockade 4/13/2010

Lempaute feeding 4/14/2010

Siria browsing 4/14/2010

Lempaute with grass on her back & Taveta 4/15/2010

Mzima playing 4/15/2010

Sinya soil bathing 4/16/2010

Taveta enjoys a dusting game 4/16/2010

Shimba left playing with Tassia 4/16/2010

Wasessa browsing in the fields 4/17/2010

Lesanju in a dustbath game 4/17/2010

Emily left, Seraa & Sweet Sally 4/18/2010

Orphans heading to the waterhole 4/18/2010

Vita at the stockade 4/18/2010

Solango with Lesanju's group 4/19/2010

Solango 4/19/2010

Kenia following Solango 4/19/2010

Lempaute in deep water 4/20/2010

Kenia enjoys a mudbath 4/20/2010

Shimba in the mudbath 4/20/2010

Siria in a bath enjoyment 4/21/2010

Siria left & Mzima wrestling in the water 4/21/2010

Mzima relaxing after the mudbath 4/21/2010

Mzima left and Siria 4/22/2010

Siria takes a bath on the waters edge 4/22/2010

Big bull walks past the orphans 4/23/2010

Lempaute grazing 4/23/2010

Lesanju in the field 4/23/2010

Mzima kicking the water barrell 4/24/2010

Mzima playing with an empty water barrell 4/24/2010

Mzima standing and Siria 4/24/2010

Siria dusting in an erosion trench 4/25/2010

Kenia right down, welcomes Taveta for a game 4/25/2010

Mzima 4/26/2010

Siria by an erosion trench 4/26/2010

Sinya left and Lesanju 4/26/2010

Lempaute left and Mzima 4/27/2010

Taveta enjoys a dusting game 4/27/2010

Wasessa left and Siria 4/28/2010

Lempaute browsing 4/28/2010

Mzima takes a ride on Siria's stomach 4/29/2010

Tassia clambers over Shimba 4/29/2010

Orpahns enjoy a mudbath 4/29/2010

Lesanju in a dusting game 4/30/2010

Shimba right and Sinya 4/30/2010

Sinya 4/30/2010
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