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<<--  Entry for:  January   28, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  January   28, 2018 Godoma has been branded the milk time keeper recently as she is always the first ready to race down for her bottles. She is also the one who will alert the rest of the herd when she knows the milk has arrived in the feeding area. Sagala and Mteto were naughty at the feeding and causing trouble for their friends and the keepers. They were being very greedy and fighting for more milk. Malkia can also be like this sometimes and can be a little trouble maker at feeding times. But today after seeing these two orphans causing problems whilst she was having her milk, when she finished she drove them away and stood guard over the others trying to have their milk as well.

Ndiwa never shows that much interest towards the little babies, but today she was being very helpful towards the keepers. Most of the orphans had moved into the bushes while the keepers had their lunch, and one of the small babies was left all alone beside them. Ndiwa came over and escorted the little one away to a few meters away from where the keepers were seated, until they were done with their lunch.

Godoma the milk time keeper

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