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<<--  Entry for:  January   29, 2019  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  January   29, 2019 Just after 11am this morning as the public visitors were lining up the see the elephant feeding, little baby Maarifa emerged from the bushes with her Keepers to enjoy her short visit to the mud bath area. None of the visitors were expecting to see her, and as she walked down with her two Keepers either side of her all eyes were on her. Maarifa walked slowly along the rope cordon and was not bothered by any of the visitors, then she decided to climb up one of the piles of loose soil and lie there, enjoying the warmth of the soil that had been warmed by the hot sun. She rolled around to warm every part of her body, but accidentally ended up rolling down the whole pile of soil so she landed on her bottom beside the soil. When she was done covering herself with dust, she ran out with her Keepers back out to the forest


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