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<<--  Entry for:  October   10, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   10, 2018 During the 9am milk feeding time, the orphans were in high spirits and in a very playful mood. Tamiyoi is very well known for her big caring heart. She never really engages in wrestling games. Today however and during this feeding time, she was the one initiating all the games. She engaged Ambo in a very lengthy pushing game that was only brought to an end by Ambo’s friend Jotto, who came over and took Ambo away for a wrestling game. Maktao was also doing the same with his best play mate Emoli. Kiasa almost got herself into trouble too. With the very jovial mood all the orphans were in, Kiasa was trying to make friends with Merru. She approached him trying to invite him to a game but the little boy ran off complaining. He is a bit of a complainer and will shout for no reason at all sometimes. Sana Sana and Malima were browsing on some bushes surrounding the mud bath area and they abandoned their feeding and came rushing over to see what was troubling the little one. When Kiasa saw the older females running towards her, she ran for safety behind the Keepers as she knew they might think she was bullying Merru, when in fact she was only trying to be friendly.


Voi Unit  October   10, 2018 The day began with the orphan’s usual routine of milk and supplement feeding followed by games around the stockade compound. Ngilai engaged his best friend Lasayen head on in a wonderful play fighting encounter. Nelion lay on the ground and watched Ndotto’s scratching session against an outcropping rock boulder. Nelion then got up and went to join Ndotto but was prevented from doing so by Rorogoi who had been patiently waiting her turn and would not allow Nelion to jump the queue.

The orphan elephants left the stockade for the Park under the leadership of Mbegu and Lentili.
At noon they had a lot of fun at the mud bath before resuming with their browsing activities on the northern side of the baobab water hole under Lasayen’s leadership. They encountered a big wild herd of water bucks which they stopped to admire before continuing to browse.

Ngilai playing with Lasayen

Ithumba Unit  October   10, 2018 Tomboi, Melia, Chemi Chemi, Kalama and three wild elephants were the only guests in the morning and they joined the orphans for Lucerne. Two of the wild females became rough with the juniors as they tried to get all the pellets for themselves. Mundusi and Maramoja were the ones that fell victim to the pushing by the wild females. Mundusi who was passing behind one of the females, received a back kick and trunk lashing from one of them; however this didn't deter the tough boy from picking the pellets he wanted. Kauro left with two branches in his mouth and when he saw Turkwel approaching, he did a clever trick of dropping one down so as to avoid losing both of them to Turkwel. The trick worked as Turkwel went for the dropped branch, thus allowing Kauro to carry on without any trouble.

Out in the Park, Pare, Maramoja and Rapa teamed up to browse while Kamok settled to browse with Tusuja. Chemi Chemi followed the orphans for the better part of the morning before disappearing with the ‘rebel group’. At mud bath time, the temperature was moderate as the orphans enjoyed wallowing and moving about freely without any restriction since no single wild elephant showed up at this particular time of the day.

Shortly after mud bath, Naseku, who loves both mud bathing and soil dusting, led her friends for a soil bathing exercise before heading back out to browse. The orphans took a break from feeding and relaxed under a tree for nearly two hours. Later, Galla engaged Karisa in a strength testing exercise that ended in a draw.


Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   10, 2018 The weather turned very hot in the afternoon around the Umani Hills, making all the babies hide their heads in the shade to keep out of the sun. Jasiri and Faraja again had to be especially careful and they can feel the heat on their bodies most of all. We moved all the orphans towards the waterhole earlier than usual to have a mud bath before their usual milk feeding time. We could see that every orphan was so happy when they reached the muddy pool, and none of them wanted to come out!

Quanza escorted Shukuru back slowly to the herd where Murera and Sonje had already taken the young boys back out towards the forest. Alamaya and Mwashoti decided to have a rest for awhile before we embarked on the long day of walking for the rest of the day. When they had finished their nap the orphans were all set and Mwashoti started the walk, leading the others along a path. He was then overtaken by Zongoloni and Faraja, who were walking along and having a playful pushing game.

As all orphans lined up to come back home, Alamaya spotted some antelopes near the roadside. He went charging up to them to keep them off the road as they all passed through to make their way home. The big boys walked along shaking their heads and apparently very happy to be returning home, knowing that it was their bottle feeding time as well.

Sonje playing

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