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<<--  Entry for:  October   11, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   11, 2018 One orphan can certainly have multiple characters, or perhaps they can change their spots so to speak. Kiasa for example, despite being a bit of a bully and very pushy around milk feeding time, out in the forest and during the public visiting time today she was being a very good little elephant. When she arrived at the milk feeding area she found Merru, Mukkoka and Maktao all being fed their milk bottles, but she just stood and waited patiently for a Keeper to pick up her bottle to feed her; this was something we felt like we had never witnessed before with her around the feeding area! Normally she bullies whoever is having their milk bottle first for some of their share. After her bottle she went to stand close to Merru and Mukkoka, and even later out in the forest she was browsing close to the two little boys. It seems her character has really changed with the arrival of these little ones. Later when it was time for the 3pm milk bottle feeding, all the others were running for their milk bottles but she was spotted hesitating and waiting at the back. She escorted the two little boys to the feeding area, and when they were lagging behind she was spotted running back to pick them up and follow her. These were really loving gestures we were seeing from our reformed naughty girl, who really does love Merru and Mukkoka.


Voi Unit  October   11, 2018 It was a very bright morning as the sun rose and the orphans exited their stockades. They enjoyed their milk and supplement feeding before playing games around the stockade compound.

Once out in the Park, Lasayen went to seek shelter from the scorching sun under a very big rock boulder on the eastern foot of Msinga Hill. He was able to browse on some green vegetation that he found there at the same time. Ngilai enjoyed a scratching session against a tree after which he engaged Murit in a strength testing pushing game. It was not long before the rest of the orphans sought shelter from the sun, stopping under the shade of the trees as they browsed their way to the baobab water hole where they took their time mud bathing in an effort to cool off.

The afternoon was spent browsing on the southern side of the waterhole. Tundani and Nelion ended their day with a tough wrestling match which the rest of the orphans watched. When the game was over the orphan herd made their way back to the safety of the stockades for the night.

Panda following the others

Ithumba Unit  October   11, 2018 It was a lovely morning with the orphan elephants feeding on Lucerne outside their stockades before walking out to the bush to browse. They were visited by three buffalos that came to drink water and later walked away.

Out in the bush, they were all busy browsing as they stayed together, even with Kithaka's group and Mutara's group. Laragai was patting Oltaiyoni and sharing some food from Oltayoni's mouth. Mutara led the whole group to the mud bath for the orphans to have their milk, while the ex-orphans drank water.
After the mud bath, they all walk back out to the bush for browsing again. Olare's group also came to join them and browse together. The groups later took their way back home in the evening with the Keepers.

In the stockade compound today, we had a big group of wild bulls and ex-orphans too, they came to drink water and walk back to the bush to browse. Babies Lulu, Siku, Yoyo, Gawa and Kama were amongst them, with Lulu walking towards us very happily with her mum and nanny Murka.

Laragai and Oltaiyoni

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   11, 2018 Shukuru is slowly developing a new habit at mud bath time and that is to get there before all the others. Again this stems from the fact that the boys like Jasiri and Ziwa like to climb on her while she is trying to swim. Because she is such a docile and polite girl they know they can get away with this, but they would never try this with Quanza, Sonje or Murera! Now Shukuru makes sure she is first to the milk feeding area so she can have her milk bottle and go straight to the mud wallow to swim there before any of the bulls arrive. She then makes her way to the dust bath and leaves there again before the naughty boys can come. This way she mostly manages to avoid them every time at mud bath time.

We can see that Sonje and Lima Lima remain to be her favourites, and out in the forest she stays close to them. She stays close to them most of the time, and it is only during mud bath time that she goes ahead to avoid the naughty boys from climbing on her back.

Jasiri by the water spring

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