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<<--  Entry for:  October   12, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   12, 2018 Close to 7am this morning some of the orphans like Malkia, Sana Sana, Tagwa, Kuishi, Jotto and Mapia were all busy playing and rolling around on the ground enjoying a soil bath. Malkia and Sana Sana then stood up and started playing pushing games and knotting their trunks together in happiness, very joyful to begin a new day out in the bush. Their happy game gained the interest of little Maktao and Sattao and they walked over to where they were playing. They then begun their own pushing game, where they tried to test each other’s strength. Maktao is always fond of climbing on his friends his own age and size, and he was trying to climb on Sattao’s back, but Sattao kept turning and preventing him from doing so, pushing him away, and thus starting the game all over again. Their pushing game was interrupted by the warthogs who like to accompany the elephants during the day, but Maktao and Sattao did not want them too close to them, and took up charging at them instead, and chasing them away.


Voi Unit  October   12, 2018 This morning the birds were singing loudly in the trees as the milk dependent orphan elephants lined up for their milk bottles. This means that the rains might soon be on the way. After milk feeding, Ngilai ran to the water trough for a drink, cleaning his mouth so that it would appear that he hadn’t been given his share, and came back to beg for more but was prevented from doing so by Ndoria who realized his intentions and chased him away.

Mudanda and Mashariki chose separate rocks for a scratching session while Kihari and Suswa stretched their trunks as high as they could to harvest green branches from the acacia tree. The orphans browsed in single file, moving slowly so that they could get as much vegetation as they could as it is quickly drying out as the dry season continues.

After the noon milk feed, Godoma had some wonderful games of running in and out of water hole. Her game attracted the attention of the rest of the orphans who were happy to join her and they all had a fantastic time playing in the mud bath.

Mashariki walking down the hill

Ithumba Unit  October   12, 2018 It was a busy morning today as we had some ex- orphans from Mutara's group visit and share the Lucerne with the orphans. Buchuma was among the ex-orphans in Mutara’s group. Enkikwe and Turkwel had their wounds treated as usual and they joined the other group. The two teams later walk back to the bush together for browsing.

In the bush, they all browsed together and stayed together while browsing. Mutara's later led the whole big team to the mud bath for the orphans to have their milk.

There were around 20 wild bulls who really enjoying wallowing at the mud bath when the orphans arrived. The orphans had their milk, walked to the trough to drink water and finally walked to the mud wallow and played there for a few minutes. After they came out and had a dust bath, they walked back to the bush, still with Mutara's group but leaving Buchuma behind as he joined the wild bulls to wallow. Sities was dust bathing in style before heading back to the bush.

All the orphans browsed together and later walked to find some shade as it was very hot. When they decided to walk home in the evening, they came across a puddle along the road and started playing in it with Mutara, Galla and Sapalan playing vigorously. When they were done they all walked back home very muddy.

Turkwel in the bush

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   12, 2018 Sonje walked out today showing a little more of an exaggerated limp in her leg. She tried to walk out but the joint remained stiff. Sonje is normally very playful in the morning and loves scratching on the wall in the compound, but today she was not very happy because of her stiff joint. She managed to walk through the forest in the morning, and her leg must have warmed up because when it came to mud bath time she came running in with a big smile on her face and was very playful again. She seemed to be much better and the bad leg just needed some time to loosen up. Sometimes the same thing can happen to Murera, and it is just because of their bad leg injuries from when they were rescued that they can sometimes cease up.

Jasiri came later for the bottle with Ziwa but when Ziwa arrived he really made big scream and loud rumbling as he was reaching to his bottles may he missed it very much and was thankful to get his shares. After finishing his bottle immediately Faraja picked him with Ngasha for the normal fighting play before even going for wallowing they both did not wallow on mud any more today but just went to dust bath with Shukuru later coming to join them but she arrived and waited for the boys to leave the dust bath then she could take her own time separate from the pushing boys.

Sonje picking acacia leaves

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