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<<--  Entry for:  October   13, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   13, 2018 Ambo can be quite a bully when it comes to sharing food of any kind, greens, pellets or anything. Today when the orphans came out of their stockades, many ran straight to the outside of Maxwell’s gate, where they could pick up some of his leftover spilt Lucerne pellets before heading out to the forest for the day. Ambo was the first one to arrive there, and he was later joined by Sattao, Emoli, Kiasa and Enkesha. Ambo really gave them all a rude welcome when they arrived, bullying them and trying to prevent them from joining him and sharing the few Lucerne pellets that could be found there. He remained unfriendly to the others until they gave up and walked away, leaving Ambo to enjoy them on their own. His victory was short lived however, as Ndiwa, Sagala and Malkia arrived and Ambo immediately gave way to the older girls.

Ambo playing with Jotto

Voi Unit  October   13, 2018 The morning began with baby eland Karibu jumping up and running around the stockade compound after milk feeding from her mother. Ngulia, who was in one of the stockades, charged and produced a hissing sound, but due to her aggressiveness has not yet been allowed to interact with baby Karibu. Ngulia and Kore are great friends, and it seems her aggressiveness towards the Karibu is due to jealousy over losing her friends attention. Ol-tukai was busy feeding on Lucerne pellets with his best friend Tawi who has not gone back to the wild since he returned to the stockades earlier this month.

The orphan elephants had a wonderful time browsing together, with Kenia and Ndii deciding to browse closely with their adopted babies Araba and Tahri. Ishaq-B attempted to take Tahri away during the visit to the mud bath, but Ndii came in like a bulldozer separating Ishaq-B from Tahri and taking her adopted baby back under her wing.

Tahri playing

Ithumba Unit  October   13, 2018 The orphans today met with Tomboi, Orwa, Narok and Bomani outside their stockades and started interacting around the lucerne cubes. We had also two wild bulls at the water trough who were drinking water, but one came and joined in with the orphans to eat the Lucerne as well. It was a beautiful sunrise this morning, and we enjoyed seeing the sun start to shine off the backs of the elephants browsing there. Mundusi came out of his stockade and started scratching his neck on the wall. Tomboi started play-fighting with one of the wild bulls before heading off out into the Park with the others.

In the bush, all the dependent orphans browsed with Bomani, Orwa and Narok staying with them the whole day. Namalok was checking his front feet and removing some thorns. The rest were busy browsing. They started walking towards mud bath for their noon milk bottles and the three ex-orphans accompanied them.

At the mud bath, two wild bulls were busy playing in the water while some others stood under the trees in the shade. The orphans went straight to the mud hole after their milk as it was very hot, and started playing in it. Some walked to the water trough and met the wild bulls but there, but they were not scared, and they managed to share water with them.

Back in the bush, Kamok was playing with Ukame and putting her trunk into her mouth. Rapa was on his own, busy browsing separately with Sapalan. The rest were under the shade resting and later they all walked back to the stockades for the night.

Orwa feeding

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   13, 2018 At the midday bottle feeding time, all the elephants came running just like Lima Lima always does for her bottle, no matter the time of day. Today Shukuru won the race to the bottles and as her usual habit now, she rushed on her own to the mud bath before the others could get there too.

After the milk dependent orphans had finished their milk bottles, some buffalos arrived who looked very thirsty and they wanted to go to the waterhole to cool their hot bodies. Alamaya and Zongoloni tried to scare them away as they were trying to walk along the same pathway, and Zongoloni was waiting for Faraja and Lima Lima. The buffalos tried to follow them along the pathway and Alamaya got scared of them but Zongoloni escorted him and soon they were all passed the buffalos.

The orphans later walked to the water pipelines and found some water spilling out which Shukuru and Mwashoti enjoyed drinking from.

A keeper giving Jasiri attention

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