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<<--  Entry for:  October   14, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   14, 2018 Today Luggard woke up in a very happy and playful mood. When his stable door was opened he came running out to catch up with his best friend Musiara who had walked out just a few minutes before him. On his way out he was greeted by Malima, Ambo, Jotto and Maisha who were also on their way out to the forest. Because of his happy mood, Luggard greeted Jotto with a friendly head-butt, which was well-received by Jotto who loves playing, and the two enjoyed a happy pushing game of the kind that is so enjoyed by young growing bulls. The two bulls really took their time mock-charging at each other and retreating, before charging to take each other on again. Tiny Musiara who adores Luggard, was busy scampering about in the adjacent bushes cheering Luggard on in his game. The game eventually wound down and came to an end as the Keepers walked the orphans deeper into the forest.

Sana Sana and Kiasa seem to be the two girls who really look after Merru these days. During one of the bottle feeds today, Sana Sana and Kiasa were allowed to run down with the others to where the other Keepers were waiting with their bottles, but they were very hesitant and didnít want to leave Merru behind. They didnít leave, so eventually the Keepers allowed them to escort Merru down to the feeding area. They happily did so, and stayed close to him as he drank his bottle before walking off to browse. For Kiasa to think of another little baby and not cause any problems at milk feeding time is quite huge; it seems this little baby has really changed her character.

Sana Sana with the babies

Voi Unit  October   14, 2018 The morning began as usual with the orphan elephants running out of their stockade to gulp down their milk. Mudanda was in a naughty mood and chased Rorogoi, Araba and Murit away from the Lucerne pellet feeding tray which resulted in the Keepers having to intervene to restore the peace. Mbegu noticed Lentili and Suswa ready to take the lead and gathered her six member herd together, overtaking the two to assume the leadership role.

It was a very hot and sunny day which resulted in the orphans visiting the baobab tree water hole at 10am in order to cool off. They wallowed and had their milk at the usual time before resuming with their browsing activities on the western side of the waterhole.

The afternoon was hotter than the morning which had the orphans returning to the mud bath for a second wallow at 4pm. Lasayen rolled around in the water until Murit, Godoma and Ngilai trapped him and lay on his stomach which had him screaming loudly for help. Mbegu, Kihari and Ishaq-B rushed to his rescue bringing an end to the bathing activities. A wild elephant herd visited the waterhole a few minutes later but found that the orphans were already leaving for the dayís final browsing session, before they would have to return to the stockades for the night.

Lasayen having fun at mudbath

Ithumba Unit  October   14, 2018 It was an interesting morning when we were first visited by the wild elephants in the stockades. Three thirsty buffaloes then came in for water but the bulls had occupied the two water troughs. They hung around and then decided to walk to where the waste water from the kitchen overflows and started drinking there instead. After another couple of minutes, a leopard also came in and realized that we had a lot of wild bulls around the water trough and he walked away. The buffaloes came back again very close to the elephant bulls, but the bulls did not give way for them and finally the buffaloes walk towards the mud bath in search of water.

The orphans came out of their stables and started interacting with a few ex-orphans from Mutara and Olare's herds. They all had Lucerne cubes to eat while others like Maramoja was busy scratching her bottom on the wall. The whole group later walked to the bush to browse including the wild bulls, but they left a bit later. They were all busy browsing in the bush with Sapalan browsing separately from the others. Turkwel also enjoyed browsing with Kamok. Chemi Chemi was also accompanying the group as he is recovering well and we think he can start to see out of his injured eye. Rapa and Tusuja were very hungry it seems, and they left the others to walk to the mud bath early, while Chemi Chemi led the ex-orphans towards the mud bath as well, although they would not be having milk bottles!

At mud bath, we had a number of wild bulls seriously playing in the mud hole, which meant our orphans played separately on the other side, so as not to disrupt the seniors. Mutara's group with some of the dependent orphans walked to the dust bath area, and played there for a bit to dry themselves off before walking out to browse again.

In the afternoon it was very hot and all the elephants were hiding at first in the shade. They later came out and started browsing again. Mutara and Suguta browsed together. Later on, the orphans made their way back home for their milk. Lualeni, Sunyei, Galana, Yatta and Kinna among some other ex-orphans and their babies visited the stockades to drink today and it was lovely to see them.

Orphans and ex-orphans

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   14, 2018 The morning was lovely with the babies ready to go out and browse. Shukuru remained indoors within the gate entrance waiting to be given some pellets separately from the greedy Lima Lima who might try to grab some of her share as she is a slow eater. Shukuru eventually walked out with the others and they all headed towards the Kenze Hills to find some nice green branches and acacia pods that can still be found in that area.

Murera walked along next to Sonje who had Mwashoti who stayed beside her, enjoying the company of the big girls. He watched Ziwa from afar, not wanting to get him to get close otherwise Ziwa might bully him.

Some female elephants with young babies approached the waterhole when the orphans were there. Quanza and Zongoloni spotted the little babies with their mothers drinking. Quanza tried to get close to one of the babies who then started blowing little trumpets as it was afraid to be too far from its mother with Quanza and Zongoloni. Quanza and Zonogloni then moved away and after a while the wild herd left.

Ziwa on the wall

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