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<<--  Entry for:  October   15, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   15, 2018 Tamiyoi has developed a habit of first thing in the morning, or after any of the milk feeds, leading a group of orphans like Sagala, Kuishi, Ndiwa, Ambo, Sana Sana, Malkia, Mapia and Malima far deep into the forest. When the Keepers search for them, it is interesting to see Tamiyoi some yards in front of the group in the lead. She seems to have usurped Ndiwa and Sagala who used to be the main leaders who would take some of the orphans off deep into the forest. We are not sure how or why she developed this new habit but she seems to have been influenced by Ndiwa and Sagala as she used to accompany them on these little forays.

We are often reminded how clever elephants are, but we like sharing these moments with you as well! Despite being a new little orphan to the Nursery, Dololo is very clever and knows all the routes back to the stockades. Sometimes when the orphans are out in the forest browsing in the early morning, towards 8am Dololo will try to sneak back from the forest to the stockades to wait for his next bottle of milk right in his stable! He has developed this funny new little habit of sneaking back to the stockades before some of his feeding times, and even though these all take place out in the forest apart from the ones at night, the Keepers are so impressed that he can find his way back home no matter where they are in the forest, using his incredible memory.

Sagala, Sattao and Emoli

Voi Unit  October   15, 2018 The orphan elephants woke up early as usual looking forward to their day of browsing in the Park, and they were eager to begin. Ngilai ran very fast to the front drinking his milk bottles in a matter of seconds. Godoma came second but unfortunately Ngilai came over and started demanding her milk bottle too, and a Keeper had to come over and intervene. After eating their supplement food, Murit went to wrestle with Tahri under Ndiiís watchful eye. Mashariki was busy feasting on the green lush branches from an acacia tree, as Mbegu stretched her trunk to reach the branches without any meaningful success.

Lentili found the perfect opportunity to lead the others and took her chance, with the others deciding to follow closely behind her denying Mbegu the leadership opportunity. Soon after the midday milk feed, the orphan elephants all went for a mud bath, with Embu, Murit and Rorogoi plunging in first. Arruba and Suswa came into the water in their own unique style, rolling on top of one another whilst happily trumpeting.

The rest of the browsing went on close to that baobab tree water hole after mud bathing.

Murit dustbathing

Ithumba Unit  October   15, 2018 It was a busy morning at the stockades today as we had more than 70 elephants visit, including some of the ex-orphans. Galana, Kinna, Yatta, Sinyei and Lualeni with their babies were among them. Galana was always with her baby Gawa and Lulu was with nannies Sidai, Murka and Naserian today. They stayed for a short time and walked back to the bush to browse. The injured elephants like Enkikwe and Turkwel got their medication and treatment and then joined the rest of the group.

Out in the Park, all the orphans were busy browsing. Enkikwe was with them too and was managing to keep up despite his sore leg from the lion attack. It then became quite hot and some of the orphans sought shelter in the shade. Garzi was the only one from Laragai's group who stayed with babies the whole day. Maramoja later led the others to the mud bath for their milk. Once there they drank their bottles and walked straight to the water trough to drink water and interact with the wild bulls there, before walking out to browse again. Olsekki and Siangiki were browsing together and separately away from the others. When it came time to return home they were left behind, but they reappeared later on and followed their friends home, trumpeting as they walked as if to complain they had been forgotten about.

Galana and Gawa

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   15, 2018 So many wild animals visited the orphans at the stockades last night, starting with some loud whooping hyenas which disturbed the Keepers in their sleep and also Mwashoti and Alamaya. When the Keepers came out of their night tents with torches in their hands all the orphans were very happy to see them as they knew their lights would scare the hyenas away and they would be able to get some sleep.

The next morning Zongoloni and Quanza were ready to get to the water springs for a new day but they found some strange wild animal smells all around, some of which were the hyenas from last night. They raised their trunks in the air and we could see them smelling all around, so they waited for the big girls to come and join them. Mwashoti did not even follow directly behind Murera either but stayed to wait for the Keepers who he feels very safe with.

Orphans drinking

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