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<<--  Entry for:  October   17, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   17, 2018 Before the orphans went for their 11am milk bottle, they were enjoying themselves and rolling around in the natural muddy puddles that had formed overnight from the rain. When it was time for them to go for their bottles, some of the babies like Tamiyoi, Kiasa, Emoli and Enkesha were so reluctant to leave their new-found mud wallow, as they felt so relaxed and happy swimming around in the water, not feeling ready for their bottles yet. They were acting like children who do not want to get out of the swimming pool to come for their lunch! One of the Keepers was even forced to go into the water to get them out, as they knew that once the orphans saw their bottles it would remind them how hungry they were. When they arrived at the mud bath feeding area, they had their bottles and then none of the orphans felt like mud wallowing, as they had had their fun out in the forest! Instead they concentrated on the greens out there by the Keepers. The orphans were very happy to have discovered this new mud bath, and are quite excited that this might be the start of the rainy season! Sagala, Ndiwa, Malkia and Kuishi all wanted to go back to the same fun muddy wallow they had found straight after the visiting time, just showing how much they enjoyed it.

Mapia, Tamiyoi and Malima

Voi Unit  October   17, 2018 The stockade dependent orphan elephants had their wonderful milk bottles and supplement feeding, followed by brief games around the stockade compound before heading to the field for the beginning of a long day of browsing. Ngilai and Murit had a play fighting game, after browsing for an hour. Arruba was very preoccupied in keeping Araba away from Kenia, and trying to keep her company instead. Lentili, Kihari and Mbegu then all took the lead, and took everyone in a different direction to browse.

It was a very hot day and the orphans teamed up in small groups to take refuge from the scorching sun under some small trees. They later visited the baobab water hole and had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games. Godoma lay down and rolled around in the middle of the water surrounded by the others, thus becoming the centre of attention. Mbegu felt jealous of Godoma and went to lie and roll in the dust instead, but was later driven away by Ndii who wanted to take up that same dusting position to play.

Ndoria with her friends

Ithumba Unit  October   17, 2018 Today the stockade was very full as we had a big group of elephants who visited this morning. We had wild elephants and ex-orphans with their babies namely Mulika with Mwende, Yatta with Yetu and Yoyo, Wendi with Wiva, Kinna with Kama, Sunyei with Siku, Galana with Gawa and Lualeni with little Lulu, our last born here at Ithumba. Yoyo and Siku were very playful. Mwende was resting her trunk on Siku when Siku was lying down. Kama was playing with Siku and climbing on her as well. There was a slight altercation between a buffalo and a wild elephant bull by the water trough as all of this was going on as well. Kama was scratching her neck as she copied one of her nannies Ishanga who was next to her. Wendi was protecting Wiva from being pushed by the other elephants. Kama started sharing Lucerne cubes with Roi while Lulu was rolling and playing beneath her nanny Lenana.

Later, out in the bush, Kauro and Kamok were testing their strength by play fighting. The rest were busy browsing in a line before they walked to have their milk bottles just before noon. When they reached the mud bath feeding area, they found some wild bulls playing in the water and they had to respect that. They had their milk and walked to the mud bath and occupied the smallest space possible to make sure the wild bulls still had their space. They later walked out and went straight to the water trough to drink water.

In the bush, Garzi was busy browsing high up to reach food in the trees. The rest were busy browsing despite how hot it was. They later made their way home in the evening for their milk. Barsilinga, Laragai, Lemoyian and Kithaka today stayed on their own away from the other orphans, but this evening they arrived very late, after all the others had been locked inside already. The gate was opened for them and they were allowed inside as well.

Wendi and Wiva

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   17, 2018 The orphans were surprised today by the morning rain showers in the early morning immediately after bottle feeding. Lima Lima and Sonje came out first, followed by Alamaya who just walked instead of running like they usually do. Shukuru ate alone away from the others whilst Sonje and Quanza rubbed their trunks in morning greeting. Murera scratched her bottom on the wall and Mwashoti enjoying standing next to her, safe in the knowledge that no one would bully him whilst he was next to one of the matriarchs.

The weather was not still good for swimming later as it was very cold and cloudy. Only Shukuru later walked to the dust bath and then went to the waterhole to drink some water. The orphans then went to the forest to browse quietly in the shade and waited for the Keepers to finish their lunch before they continued their daily walk.

Farja playing with Ziwa

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