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<<--  Entry for:  October   18, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   18, 2018 We all know that elephants are clever and very intelligent animals; this is proven to us time and again with the baby elephants in the Nursery too. This morning the elephant babies were walking out to the forest to begin their day, but as the others were making their way out little Maktao sneaked off to the side where he noticed some lucerne pellets had spilled on the floor. He picked up one piece after another silently and no one realised he had been left behind. It was only when the Keepers settled down in the forest to have their breakfast tea that they realised he was missing. He is well known to hang around his Keepers, and in the morning whilst they have their tea he often pesters them, so it was very obvious as soon as they sat down that he was not with them! Once they realised he was not with them some searched in the nearby bushes as another Keeper radioed to the stockades to see if he had been left behind. As they radioed another Keeper who had made his way back to the stockades to retrieve his sweater noticed the polite little boy happily feasting on the lucerne pellets in the corner, and escorted him out to the forest to join the rest of his friends.

Maktao with Sagala

Voi Unit  October   18, 2018 The gates of the stockade were opened in the morning and the youngest six orphan elephants of Mbeguís herd came running out to grab their delicious milk bottles and down them in a matter of seconds. The juniors then joined their older friends at the Lucerne pellet feeding area. The orphans played briefly around the stockade compound before leaving to go out and browse for the day. They browsed in single file, visiting the baobab water hole that afternoon.

After their noon milk bottles, the orphans headed to drink water from the baobab tree water hole, where they encountered a big herd of wild buffalo that had nearly finished all the water in both the trough and the main water hole. Ndotto, who was at the front, stopped to watch and sniff out the hundreds of buffalos surrounding the water hole. Nelion and Bada got to the front of their friends and chased away the buffalo to give the orphans a chance to drink water. The buffalos stood at a distance watching the elephants who were not very comfortable playing in the water under the watchful eye of those buffalos. They later left the water hole browsing their way towards the Mzima-Mombasa water pipeline side for the afternoon browsing session.

Embu busy browsing

Ithumba Unit  October   18, 2018 It was a very cool morning today as we received some drizzle last night which left the morning still very cloudy. The ex- orphans from Olare's group arrived early and waited for the orphans to come out of their stockades to share food with them. Chemi Chemi was among them and came straight to the wall and started scratching his bottom. Kibo, Siangiki and Mundusi started scratching their necks on the wall simultaneously as well.

It was very cold today and there was not a lot of activity. Olare's group stayed with the orphans the whole morning, with Laragai's group as well. Kauro became a bit livelier later on and we found him rolling on the ground as he splashed some soil on his back. Kasigau started play fighting with Garzi while Galla was busy scratching his neck on a tree. Sapalan and Turkwel on the other side were busy browsing.

At the mud bath for their milk, Galla was begging for an extra bottle but everyone had had his or her share already. It was very cold so no one bothered to have swim in the mud bath and there were no ex-orphans or wild elephants who chose to visit today either. Back in the bush the orphans carried on browsing, still with Olare and Laragaiís groups. Laragai's group later separated from the dependent orphans, but met up at the stockades with them later on in the evening.

Chemi Chemi scratching

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   18, 2018 The elephants came out this morning to the small dust bath around the stockades. They had a lot of fun blowing dust and some of the boys were in a very playful mood. They were pushing and climbing on their friends, thankfully leaving Shukuru alone. All four bulls however were on top of Sonje who was on the ground and enjoying their games. Murera, Mwashoti and Shukuru both stayed away from the boys who were in a very playful mood.

Lima Lima went to see Alamaya who had been pushed over by Faraja. Zongoloni went to see what happened to their friend too, but it was actually Alamaya who was the one that had been misbehaving with the older boys. Sometimes he does not show enough respect to the older boys because he is used to Zongoloni and Quanza, and now and then he forgets to respect the older boys. In the end Faraja taught him a lesson and pushed him over.

Alamaya scratching

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