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<<--  Entry for:  October   20, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   20, 2018 Maxwell’s self-imposed visitors are increasing day after day. As the Nairobi Nursery is situated on the edge of the National Park, warthogs are free to come and go, but some wild ones have taken up residence in the compound and choose to have their babies here, so there are often lots of wild warthogs around. Increasingly they choose to squeeze through Maxwell’s gate into his stockade, not to say hello to the rhino, but to share his tasty lucerne pellets. Today the warthogs were all crowded around his lucerne pile, and warthogs are quite greedy animals and not very quiet eaters. They were fighting over the lucerne, which drew Maxwell’s attention to the fact they were sharing his food. He slowly walked up to where the noise was coming from, and then charged at the invaders who scattered in all directions for safety.

Since they arrived at the Nursery around the same time at the beginning of last year, Sattao and Musiara have always been friends. Today, when all of the orphans were relaxing under a tree in the shade, out of the hot sun, Sattao and Musiara decided to go on their own to a different tree. Here they lay down facing each other and entwined their trunks, spreading their bodies out on the cool soil and flapping their ears to cool their hot bodies down. Musiara was so sweet and started patting Sattao on the back as if encouraging him to take a nap as well.


Voi Unit  October   20, 2018 The orphan elephants assembled for their delicious milk bottle and then proceeded to feast on the Lucerne pellet supplements provided by the Keepers. Mudanda stood tall dominating the whole Lucerne pellet feeding area, becoming a little greedy and pushing and shoving her friends. Ndii went around and handled the situation, threatening to push Mudanda away. She then started behaved herself, allowing the other orphans to have their peaceful feeding moment. Arruba and Rorogoi enjoyed a play fighting encounter with Lentili and Mashariki standing close to effectively cheer them on.

Bada and Nelion lost patience waiting to head to the park and started leading their friends out to begin their routine browsing day. The day became too hot resulting in the orphan elephants choosing to stay under trees to seek shade. They had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games after the afternoon milk feed, coming out and staying close to the baobab tree water hole for the rest of the day.

Kenia coming uphill

Ithumba Unit  October   20, 2018 Six wild bulls were enjoying drinking water at the stockade water troughs as the orphans settled for the lucerne pellets, soon after they had their morning milk. Shortly later, Laragai led the way to the browsing field. As we wait for the vegetation to build up after the rains, the orphans have to concentrate mostly on browsing; if they waste any time, it means going home without enough food. Siangiki settled to browse with Galla as Karisa settled to browse with Tusuja.

Two bulls briefly joined the orphans at the browsing field and created tension when one of the bulls threatened to push Galla and Tusuja who wanted to greet them. Since the two boys didn't want any conflict that would make the bulls push them, Galla and Tusuja did the wise thing of retreating as a sign of respect. As the wild bulls walked off, Galla and Tusuja smelt after them with their trunks, hoping to meet them another time.

As the bulls disappeared, Nasalot, baby Nusu, Loijuk and Olare appeared and joined the orphans. Olare, who used to be a matriarch in her old group, appears to have quit that job and become a nanny with Loijuk, taking care of Nusu who is Nasalot's baby. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Dad, an old familiar wild bull who has fathered some of the wild born babies to our ex-orphans, in the company of twenty eight wild bulls.

In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse along the western slopes of the Ithumba Hill. Rapa and Galla took a break from feeding to relax under a tree and later had a strength testing exercise. Later in the evening Nasalot, Nusu, Olare and Loijuk in the company of twenty wild elephants showed up at the stockade compound and left later after having enough water.

Galla and Siangiki

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   20, 2018 It was very surprising to see Sonje’s old boyfriend Osama show up again at the dust bath area today. He was very humble and friendly and was not aggressive to the Keepers at all. He slowly walked along the bushes trying to follow the Sonje’s trail. When he reached her he rumbled so loudly it made everyone stop and look around. Murera was close to Sonje but she walked away as she did not want to be around Osama.

When all the orphans made their way back to the stockades in the evening for the night, many wild elephants came along behind the fence looking at the orphans from the outside. As most of them were bulls and Osama was there too raising his trunk, we thought they were there to find Sonje.

Sonje playing at dustbath

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