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<<--  Entry for:  October   21, 2018  -->>

Unit Name Date
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Nursery Unit  October   21, 2018 Despite being known for her usual naughty character, the sassy girl has developed a different character as well recently, and that is one that likes to take care of the little ones, especially Merru. To the Keepers amazement, she is now a very caring girl! Today she stayed by his side the whole day and made sure no other baby her age could come close to him. We are so surprised that this little girl, who used to be a bit of a bully, now takes care of the little ones such as Merru. This does seem to annoy Sana Sana a bit as well, as she is interested in looking after little Merru as well. When she feels like it, Sana Sana can take advantage of her age and size and chase little Kiasa away so she can have Merru to herself. Kiasa took her frustration at having ‘her’ baby taken away by picking on Emoli, but Emoli turned and used his small tusks to push Kiasa away. Kiasa shouted for help and Tagwa came to her rescue by pushing Emoli away who was very angry at Kiasa for interrupting him and attempting to start a fight.

Sana Sana browsing

Voi Unit  October   21, 2018 The day began well with the orphan elephants coming out of their stockades early enough to catch up with the first light of day. Godoma was walking with a slight limp, and the Keepers wondered what she could have done to hurt it during the night. Ngilai and Murit had their usual morning play, testing their strength in competition with each other. Soon after the orphans arrived out in the bush to browse, Mudanda charged at Arruba and chased her around, with Aruba running as fast as she could, keeping away from Mudanda who wanted to fight her. We are not sure what Arruba did to annoy Mudanda so much, but she seems to be in a bad mood.

The sun was very hot and the orphans were having a difficult time browsing. They were flapping their ears continuously to cool themselves down. The ground is becoming so hard and dry as we come to the end of the dry season, and we hope that the rains will come soon as the orphans have to walk very far to find enough vegetation to eat, but at least the supplements set them up well for the day. At 11am the orphans visited the baobab water hole, where they enjoyed the cooling effect of the thick soupy mud. Godoma’s limp continued a little bit but otherwise she looks bright and okay.

Murit scratching

Ithumba Unit  October   21, 2018 Ex-orphans Rapsu and Zurura in the company of thirty wild bulls were relaxing outside the stockade compound when the orphans were let out. Shortly later, Yatta, Wendi, Nasalot, Sunyei, Mulika, Lualeni, Galana and Kinna all with their babies and fellow adopted sisters reported. All the nine wild born babies were present and active. The rascal Nusu had fun climbing on Wiva while Yoyo briefly played with Esampu. Half an hour later, the orphans left for browsing, leaving the ex-orphans and the wild elephants at the stockade compound. By eight o'clock in the morning the number of elephants coming for water had hit one hundred and fifty.

Out in the bush, Garzi started his day's activities by scratching on some rocks he came across. The temperature was moderate and the orphans concentrated mostly on browsing. At mud bath time, Dad and his company of twenty wild bulls joined the orphans at mud bath. The mud bath was brief for the orphans as they didn't want to have any conflict with the wild bulls.

On the way back out to browse, Karisa engaged Namalok in a strength testing exercise, a game that lasted for quite some time. Roi, Kauro and Kamok dodged the Keepers and teamed up with a group of wild elephants that were travelling to the stockade to drink water, where they joined the ex-orphans and stayed to wait for their friends. It was a busy day for elephants as they checked in for water and left again to create room for their friends. A record was set for the day, as within twelve hours, the elephants had drunk 40,000 litres of water.

Rapsu and Zurura

Kibwezi Forest/Umani Springs Unit  October   21, 2018 The cloudy morning again disrupted the playful day for the orphans despite coming out in a very jovial mood.

At the mud bath all the milk dependent babies came for their bottles with Lima Lima running in so fast; no one could keep up with the speed she was running at! Alamaya was behind her followed by Zongoloni but all the others were left just walking slowly behind. After she had finished her bottle she tried to have another but all the Keepers were very alert and knew she had had her share, so they denied her having another.

Lima Lima enjoying the last of the pellets

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